All the Best Ideas for Building the Pantry of Your Dreams

A well-organized pantry (big or small) is the backbone of an efficient kitchen.

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Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

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Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn; Robert Peterson, Rustic White Photography

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Make Use of the Space Under the Stairs

The space under the stairs isn’t fit for Harry Potter, but it is fit for a pantry. If you’ve got some space to spare, use it! Store extra pots, pans, containers, strainers, brooms, vacuums, you name it!

Make the Most of Every Inch

Galley kitchens are great arenas for playing with secret doors and unique building techniques. Utilize custom cabinets to hide your pesky appliances, like this washer-dryer duo. Because of the galley kitchen’s open nature, keeping these appliances hidden can cultivate the fluid nature of the space.

Conceal Crowded Shelves with Pseudo Cabinet Doors

If you’re the type of person that loves to shop in bulk, then this is the cabinet set up for you. Insert a pseudo cabinet door opening to a larger, walk-in sized pantry, ideal for anything from extra bottles of San Pellegrino to that on-sale dish soap you just had bought in bulk.

Seamlessly Incorporate Walk-In Pantries

This Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe-esque pantry will take you to a different kind of magical world: one of organization and storage. Building walk-in pantries into cabinetry optimizes every inch of your home, while contributing to a seamless flow within the space.

Turn Previously Used Spaces into Open Pantry Shelving

Once home to a washer and dryer, this kitchen corner has since been transformed into beautiful open pantry shelving. If you’re struggling to make sense of funky alcoves within your kitchen, think pantry power!

Hide Laundry Appliances

Take secret entrances to another level with custom-built shelving units like this one. If you’re tired of running into your washer or dryer every time you enter your kitchen, put baby in the corner and behind this custom built shelving-door combination.

Take Advantage of Every Corner

Just because your shelving unit has an exposed corner doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of that space. Turn that flat paneled cabinetry into a secret shelving oasis for all of your spices, snacks and dried goods to sit.

Elongate Classic Cabinets for a Pantry Effect

In place of regular cabinetry that may typically house your day to day dishware, insert elongated cabinet doors and roll out shelves for all of your pantry goods. Not only will you have extra storage for all of these goodies, but they will integrate seamlessly into the rest of your cabinetry.

Party with Standout Neutrals

Your cabinets don’t have to be boring. Try painting them shades of warm neutrals: whites, creams, tans, grays. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, try a bright, fun color like a lighter yellow or bright blue.

Ditch the Cabinet Doors and Opt for Open Shelving Instead

It can be nice to clearly identify what’s on your shelves, so ditch the cabinet doors and opt for this more open shelving instead. Don’t want your pantry items exposed to your little ones’ dirty hands? Install glass doors to maintain the open nature of this design.

Invest in Quality, User-Friendly Cannisters

Bags of sugar and flour can clutter up your pantry. Invest in reusable cannisters like these to avoid the mess! Not only are they great for organizing your pantry, but they’re also environmentally friendly and will keep your goods fresher for longer.

Keep it Simple

If you’re into a more rustic aesthetic, don’t compromise your taste for practicality! Plain white cabinet doors beautifully conceal these shelves, which are peppered with wicker baskets, wooden creates and glass containers to further organize your belongings in a chic way.

Utilize Floor Space in Tiny Pantries

Space is a valuable commodity, so purchase woven baskets to sit below your shelving. Just because the shelving ends, doesn’t mean the storage can’t. This area is perfect for cleaning products, paper towels or anything else that needs a home.

Decorate Your Pantry

Just because your pantry is meant for storage doesn’t mean it can’t also be beautiful. If you’re an artist, art collector or just interested in livening up your space, try hanging up photographs, paintings or drawings. Feeling a bit bolder? Incorporate geometric tile flooring to create profound visual interest.

Use the Whole Wall

If you’re pressed for space, build cabinets all the way up to the ceiling. You won’t have to worry about dusting the tops of your cabinets and you’ll increase surface area for holding all of your kitchen gadgets.

Add Character to Your Space Through Vintage Pieces

Modern kitchens are beautiful, but can sometimes feel cold and a little too modern. If you feel this way about your space, go on a hunt for vintage pieces (like this door!) to warm up your space and integrate a bit of character to the area.

Beautify Your Space Through Detail

Architectural elements like these barn doors can add character into your space, while adding an artistic interest to your kitchen’s aesthetic. Source them from your local antique shop or even online. You’re bound to find something to compliment your great taste.

Add Some Whimsy into Your Pantry

Pantries don’t have to be simple. If you’re in the mood to jazz up your space, try incorporating wallpaper. Not only will your space still be practical, but it will be fashionable too.

Focus on Organization

No matter what kind of pantry you have, organization is key. If your pantry is smaller, organizing its contents will make it look and feel bigger, while also keeping you sane. If you have a larger pantry, don’t over crowd it! Storage space is precious, but your space will feel cramped and ugly if it’s overwhelmed.

Get Creative with Space Utilization

Avant Garde shelving like this unit will help you to store additional dishware and pantry items in a cool, contemporary way that mimics the rest of your kitchen.

Maximize Counterspace

If you have the room, make the most of it! Incorporate concepts of a butler’s pantry into your home for additional counterspace, cabinet storage and overall ease.