20+ Brilliant (and Beautiful!) Kitchen Organizing Ideas

Make your kitchen storage work even harder with these ideas — some big, some small.

Photo By: Jeff Troyer Associates; Lee Manning

Photo By: design by Jennifer Gilmer

Photo By: Photography by Bob Narod for Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen and Bath

Photo By: Jenn Feldman Designs, photo by Amy Bartlam

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Photo By: Peter Feinmann; Eric Roth

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Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Add a Pop of Color

The kitchen is the heart of the home. If you’re someone who values creativity, expression and a little bit of whimsy, then try colorful cabinets. They’ll breathe new life into your kitchen and develop a unique personality for your space.

Stash Stuff in Plain Sight

There are so many perks to open shelving. It makes your space feel bigger, loftier, and much more open. Another plus? It draws the eye up to the ceiling, creating the illusion of added height to your kitchen, all the while allowing you to show off that cool dishware you’ve been collecting for years. Photo courtesy of The Brooklyn Home Company.

Think Vertically

If you’re worried about your space feeling small and overwhelmed, then think vertically! Incorporating floor to ceiling built-ins lets you take advantage of much-needed storage opportunities, all the while concealing tall pullouts and drawers within your cabinets. There’s no need to sacrifice functionality for aesthetics. Design by Bart Lidsky of The Hammer & Nail, Inc.

Build a Wine Rack into Your Island

If you’re a wine lover, then consider building a wine rack into your island. This functional, yet discrete space saver positions your wine in the perfect place to grab a bottle during parties, dinner, or for a nice glass after work. Design by Sally Ross Designs and Kenzer Furniture; Photo by George Ross Photographs.

Make Use of Narrow Spaces

Every inch of space is precious in your home. Tirelessly searching for a creative way to make use of that tiny wall space next to your appliances and in the random corners of your space? Look no further and install cabinets with rollout drawers. You can store anything from cutting boards to spices, making use of those spaces while also freeing up room in your other cabinets. Design by Jennifer Gilmer Kitchens & Bath Ltd.

Add Storage to the Island

Islands are a great addition to any kitchen, providing you with more seating and more counter space. They also create even more storage opportunities in your space. Designer Jennifer Gilmer of Jennifer Gilmer Kitchens & Bath Ltd. took advantage of this by incorporating cabinets, various sized drawers and even a wine fridge in the base of this standout island.

Hang Your Kitchen Gadgets for Additional Storage

If you’re looking to add decoration and more visual interest to your kitchen, try hanging kitchen gadgets from a bar or hanger system under your cabinets. Practicality AND beauty? Yes, please.

Make the Most of Your Corner Cabinets

Drawers galore! If you have some areas of your kitchen that are a bit trickier to navigate, try going custom. Custom built cabinets for corner units like this one will allow you to store anything that needs a home in an organized, streamlined manner.

Don't Overlook Architecture

Countertop clutter is inevitable, but stay one step ahead of the game by tucking smaller appliances in the not-so-secret spaces of your kitchen. Window sills, window sills, window sills! Design by Dave Stimmel.

Get Creative with Custom Cabinets

Creativity best shows itself in the details. Designing custom cabinets provides you with the freedom to play with different architectural features that may not typically serve a specific function. Try using those features as drawer fronts, similar to this design by Dave Stimmel.

Insert Glass Paneling on Cabinets

Glass paneling on your cabinets will allow you to take a sneak peek into your cabinets when you need to grab something in a hurry. Another benefit? When guests come over and offer to help in the kitchen, just point them in the right direction for dishware and these see-through cabinets will lead them to the right place with minimal instruction on your end. Design by Thomas A. Conway.

Think Low

Create an open space illusion while still establishing a division between rooms with the inclusion of a low banquette. You’ll be able to see straight through the area from afar, but up close and personal you’ll know exactly what space you're in.

Replace Thick Walls with Windows

There’s nothing better than natural light in your kitchen. How else are you going to snap those Insta worthy food shots? Replace full walls with light, airy windows wherever possible. These beautifully angled windows pictured above have thin metal frames, establishing continuity and unification throughout the kitchen.

Contrast Kitchen Elements

When choosing your cabinet-countertop combination, think about dramatic contrasts. Lighter countertops compliment dark cabinets, drawing your eye up through the space, creating that highly sought after illusion of height and depth in the room.

Make Your Kitchen a Monochromatic Dream

If bright colors and dramatic contrasts aren’t your thing, keep it simple with a monochromatic color palate. By unifying the cabinets, backsplash and wall color of your space, you will be able to create a fluid continuity in the space as a whole, allowing for interesting features like open shelving or dramatic ranges to stand out even more.

Go Retro with Wood Paneling

Most of today’s trends are a blast from the past and wood paneling is no exception. Get ahead of the game by incorporating wood detailing into your cabinetry. Whether you include simple accents, or fully wood paneled cabinets like this design, you’ll shout out the past, while breathing new life into your kitchen.

Clear Your Counter Clutter

Instead of storing slotted spoons, spatulas and ladles in cannisters atop your countertop, build these cavities into your drawer space. Not only will you have ample room for all of your tools, but you will also have a great overhead look of the contents of each, allowing you to efficiently locate which tool you need.

Conquer Corner Cabinets

It can be virtually impossible to locate pots, pans or basically anything in your corner cabinets, so insert pull out shelving or a lazy Susan to ensure clear visibility in every nook and cranny of your corner cabinets.

Organize Your Spices

Spice cabinets can get messy and overwhelming very quickly, so organizing your spices in a drawer can be a lifesaver. Perch spice bottles in drawer organizers or on silicon risers like these ones to maintain peace, order and harmony among your spices.

Store Pans in Style

Pull out drawers aren’t only meant for food or dish storage. Instead of storing baking sheets and tins in crowded cabinets or dismaying drawers, try standing them vertically in pull out cabinets. It’s the trick of the century!

Move Produce from the Counter to the Drawer

Try moving non-refrigerated produce like onions and tomatoes from the top of your counter onto shelves like these. By housing them in baskets, you’ll ensure organization and avoid pesky onion peels falling all over the place.