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9 Common-Sense Cooking Tips You Should Always Remember

When you're caught up in a new recipe, it's easy to forget even the most obvious cooking tricks and tips. But memorize these, and you'll always have success in the kitchen.

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Use Your Noodle

The most helpful kitchen tips often aren't the most complicated. Instead, they're simple and logical — the kind of things that might make you say "why didn't I think of that?" We've outlined a few must-know tricks and techniques to always have in your arsenal. Whether you’re a culinary newbie an experienced home-cook, you'll benefit from memorizing them.

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Dry Off Herbs and Veggies Right After You Buy Them

Lots of supermarket produce gets misted and sprayed until it’s way too wet. And soggy leaves rot quickly, especially in sealed produce bags. After unpacking your root vegetables and herbs, un-bunch them, trim off wet tops or roots, and then gently pat dry (with lettuces, shake off the excess liquid). Wrap the produce in a single layer of paper towel before re-bagging to keep it perky.

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Crack Eggs Into a Separate Bowl First

Murphy's Law says that when you're breaking a bunch of eggs for an omelet, the shell from one will fall into the bowl (or worse, a bad egg will contaminate them all). To isolate the damage, break each egg into a small bowl or cup before transferring it to your mixing bowl. The same goes for separating eggs; always do them one at a time to prevent one broken yolk from spoiling a bowlful of whites.

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Cut Up Butter Before Baking With It

If your recipe calls for soft, room-temperature butter, cutting it into smaller pieces will help soften it faster. On the other hand, many recipes, like those for pie crusts, call for rock-hard ice-cold butter. Cut the butter into little cubes, spread them out on a plate, and pop the plate in the freezer. The butter will be ready to use in minutes.

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