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Should You Eat It? What to Do with All Your Kitchen Scraps

From tomato stems to pepper seeds, see which produce scraps are good (and safe!) to eat.

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Edible Odds and Ends

Carrot top pesto might be a thing, but some scraps are better left on your cutting board. Here's a list of what to taste and what to toss. (You'll never look at strawberry leaves the same way again.)

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Apple Cores and Seeds

Should you eat them? No! The seeds contain a chemical that turns into cyanide, which is toxic not only to humans, but also dogs and cats. That said, if you swallow a seed accidentally, don't panic. The seeds need to be chewed — and you have to eat at least 150 of them (about 15 core's worth) — to get a lethal dose.

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Woody Asparagus Stems

Should you eat them? Yes! The stems become tender with cooking. After you cut or snap off the woody lower parts, save them to make an easy soup. Cut the ends into pieces and cook in broth until very tender, about 15 minutes, then puree in a blender. Pass the puree though a fine mesh sieve to remove the stringy fibers before serving.

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Banana Peels

Should you eat them? Yes! Even though they can sometimes be bitter and fibrous, banana peels are edible and nutritious — and the riper the banana, the tastier the peel. For a try, wash a banana well, cut off the woody end and stem and add it unpeeled to a smoothie; cut the peel into pieces and make a quick pickle; or caramelize it with sugar for a sweet and crunchy snack. (As with all peels, if you intend to eat them, look for organic options so you're sure they are free of pesticides.)

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