How to Perfect TikTok’s Pancake Spaghetti

A Food Network recipe developer offers tips and tricks — and suggestions for adding a little zhuzh.

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October 07, 2022

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Photo by: StephanieFrey/Getty Images

StephanieFrey/Getty Images

Another day, another fun food hack from TikTok! The latest culinary craze on the platform? Pancake Spaghetti.

What is Pancake Spaghetti? you ask. It is little more than pancake batter dripped onto a griddle in long, skinny strips that are actually more comparable to linguini, judging from a viral video posted by Briana Archuleta.

Archuleta credits her husband with inventing the “delicious” dish, which he also calls “squiggle cakes.”

In the video, which has racked up 8.4 million views in a week, the strands of Pancake Spaghetti are gathered up, placed in a pasta bowl (like a nest of, yes, spaghetti), sprinkled with powdered sugar, generously drizzled with syrup and then enjoyed with the twist of a fork.

@brianaarchuleta Or as he likes to call squiggle cakes #breakfast #foodie #viralfoodtrend #tryit #pancakes #breakfasttime #husbandcreations #morning #delicious #invention #thefuture ♬ Sensual Seduction - Snoop Dogg

TikTok commenters are super into the creation.

“Whatttt I’m very impressed and need to make this for my family of pancake & spaghetti lovers,” wrote one.

“Ok ur husband is a genius!!!!” another exclaimed.

“My whole life is a lie, YOU CAN DO THAT?!? I want my childhood back RIGHT NOW!” howled a third.

Before we try it ourselves — which, as innovative breakfast fans, we definitely plan to do — we thought we’d check in with Food Network recipe developer Amanda Neal to get her input.

Neal told us that she recommends putting the batter in a piping bag, a squeeze bottle or even a resealable bag with the end snipped. “The key is a small hole, so you can pipe fine lines of batter,” she says.

Because the batter is piped into very long strips, Neal says it may be challenging to flip. “So I would suggest piping thin lines and making sure they're not too thick, so the ‘noodles’ can cook through fully without the need to flip,” she adds.

A non-stick griddle is preferred, or if you don’t have one, a large nonstick skillet, Neal says, so you have room to pipe out those long “noodles.” She also advises melting a little butter on the griddle or skillet to add flavor and a golden-brown color, as Archuleta showed her husband do in the video. And Neal notes that it’s best to cook on low heat, to prevent the noodles from burning before they are cooked through.

Neal also suggests getting a little creative with the recipe. “One of the fun parts of this hack is that you can really use any pancake batter,” she says. “Try chocolate, red velvet or banana pancake batter. Whatever you and your family prefer.”

She likes the idea of topping the Pancake Spaghetti with confectioners’ sugar, as Archuleta’s husband demonstrated in the TikTok video — and she approves of the drizzle of syrup. (Warm maple syrup would be her preference.) And for a little extra zhuzh? Try a dusting of cinnamon sugar, Neal advises, “for something extra.”

Not that Pancake Spaghetti isn’t kind of extra as it is — in the best way possible.

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