TikTok’s Latest Viral Food Hack: Mathematically Perfect Quesadillas

The technique maintains the simplicity of quesadillas, while enhancing results.

January 11, 2021

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TikTok has brought us all sorts of culinary hacks — like how to turn our pancakes into cereal and our bread into frogs. And now? How to achieve mathematical quesadilla perfection.

It’s all about division and quadrants.

Basically, as TikTokers demonstrate, you:

  1. Start with a flour tortilla
  2. Using a sharp knife or pizza cutter, cut the tortilla halfway through on one side
  3. Add your fillings to each quadrant of the circle
  4. Starting from one of your cut corners, fold each corner in so each filling has its own little pocket
  5. Press it in a panini pan or cook it on a heated skillet on both sides
  6. Cut it in half
  7. Enjoy a warm melty quesadilla with all the ingredients in every bite

Yeah, it’s super simple, but therein lies its genius. No one wants a complicated quesadilla technique! The whole point of quesadillas (aside from the cheese) is how easy they are to make. And this method maintains the simplicity while also enhancing the results. (I repeat: all the ingredients in every bite.)

TikTok is full of suggested fillings. One user (@feelgoodfoodie) advocates a breakfast version with eggs, avocado, salsa and cheese. Another (@everything_delish) goes the pizza route, with cheese, mushrooms, pizza sauce and more cheese — and also shows off a dessert variation using Nutella, marshmallow fluff, bananas and peanut butter.

The combo possibilities — and suggestions on TikTok — are endless. And you can find plenty of them on Instagram, too, including this crazy-decadent s’mores-inspired version shared by popular TikToker @sweetportfolio. It’s loaded with Nutella, crushed graham crackers, white chocolate mini KitKats, mini marshmallows and Kinder bars.

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