This TikToker Is Going Viral for Ripping an Apple In Half with His Bare Hands

The adorable teacher breaks it down step by step, so we can all learn this act of sorcery.

October 19, 2021


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Teachers are wonderful. They teach us so much. But did any of your teachers ever show you how to break open an apple with your bare hands?

Yeah, guessing not. Which is probably why TikTok is going bonkers for an adorable teacher who is sharing a lesson on just that.

“So every year I teach my students something that I learned when I was a kid and that’s that you can break open an apple with your hand,” TikToker Subie Newbie shared in a video on September 20 that since has been viewed 4.4 million times. “It’s nothing crazy, but I always tell them that you just hold it like this and you find the right spot where you can kind of hear it starting to crack, and you can just crack open an apple.”

And here he demonstrates, cracking the apple in half.

“And it works for, like, doing the parts, too,” Subie Newbie says.

He nonchalantly cracks the halves into quarters.

”And it’s just fun,” he says, maintaining eye contact with the camera (not even looking at the apple he’s slicing without any implements!) the whole time. “The kids are like, ‘Oh, can you cut an apple for me.’ I’m like, ‘You guys can just break it open if you find the right spot, the sweet spot on that apple.’”


I show this “trick” to my students every year. It’s always fun seeing their reactions and when they finally figure it out for themselves! #teacherlife

♬ original sound - Subie Newbie

Some commenters responding to the TikTok video were flat-out impressed.

“What sorcery is this?” wrote one.

Others were inspired.

“Dude .. you’re gonna make me go buy a bunch of apples just to do this .. I don’t even like apples,” one shared.

Still others found occasion for humor.

“OK, but I ended up with applesauce because I’m an overachiever,” one quipped.

Or minor quibbles, like the literal-minded commenter who noted, “All the spots are sweet on an apple.”

But a super popular response was … skepticism.

“I feel like you MUST have done some pre-cutting,” wrote one user.

This comment — and all the people trying to replicate his method on their own, with varying levels of success — prompted a response from Subie Newbie in the form of a follow-up TikTok video, posted just three days after he shared his original video.

“Nope, no precutting, nor scoring, no nothing,” Subie Newbie said, waving a “fresh Gala apple” in front of the camera and rolling it on a table in a video that has now been watched 17.3 million times.

In this second video, Subie Newbie goes into more detail about the mechanics of his trick.

“You’re going to want to make sure your palms are on the top of the apple and get your thumbs as close together as possible,” he advises. ”And you’re going to think about your fingertips as like a hinge on a door.”

Then he shares a note of caution.

“A lot of you are trying to pull this apart with your fingertips. No no no,” he says. “You’re going to use your palms, kind of that meaty part right here where your thumb meets the palm, to pull that top part apart and once you do it and figure it out it’s pretty easy.”

And here he demonstrates, noting that the split “even went through the sticker” on the apple.

Subie Newbie ends his video with a cheery, “Have fun!”

And — while not the first TikToker to share the trick — Subie Newbie certainly seems to be having a lot of fun himself.

He’s posted a bunch of follow up videos showing him breaking open an apple in various situations: from a gift basket sent by a buddy (“Friends are the best”), in a green wig with a Granny Smith apple (“more challenging!”), from a POV perspective by request (“no problem”), while acknowledging methods from other popular TikTokers (“because I am a big fan”).

Subie Newbie’s most recent apple-splitting video was shot on an airplane.


Bringing the apple trick to Burbank CA. Get ready world!!

♬ original sound - Subie Newbie

“Bringing the apple trick to Burbank CA. Get ready world!!” he wrote.

Good thing it’s apple season.

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