Best Potato Mashers, Tested By Food Network Kitchen

We made 12 pounds of potatoes to find the best mashers on the market!

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August 04, 2021

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By Michelle Warner for Food Network Kitchen

Our Top Potato Mashers

A potato masher is a kitchen tool you can’t live without. Whether you’re mashing potatoes or prepping some banana bread, this multi-use tool is irreplaceable. We tested 12 different mashers by whipping up 12 pounds of our perfect mashed potatoes and mashing everything from avocados and bananas to heaps of refried beans. Before deciding which one is right for you, there are a few things to consider.

First, ask yourself what are you mashing? Are you mostly doing big pots of potatoes or a shallow pan of beans? This is where the first dividing line comes because there are single wire “zig zag” style mashers and rounded perforated style to choose between. To decide, think about whether you want your masher to leave larger chunks for some texture or if you want a finer mash with smaller pieces.

The handle really comes into play when you’re working with a larger amount of food. So, if you make big batches of apple sauce, for instance, a good rubber grip and heavier handle will help get the job done faster and with a little less stress on your hand and wrist. Additionally, we tested potato ricers for those who prefer the airy texture of a riced potato. It's an essential tool for making gnocchi, pierogies and many other potato dishes.


This vintage-style masher style has the best all-around shape and usage. The grid breaks through potatoes quickly and efficiently, and whatever you’re mashing comes off clean — meaning you’re not stuck pushing out built up food. The round shape gets into the curves of a pot to get to everything. Plus, the perforated masher makes a great press for peanut butter cookies and crispy smashed potatoes, too.

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If you’re mostly into big-batch mashing (be it potatoes or cooked apples for sauce), this masher, which is wide and sturdy to cover a lot of ground, is. a great option. We also appreciate that the zig zag style base has a curve to help scoop the edges of a round pot. The rubberized handle is great to help keep from slipping while mashing. But, if you’re mashing finer things like a banana or beans, this might be too much masher for those jobs.

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This masher was a total delight to use. Its alternative style with a horizontal handle makes mashing so much easier on the wrist. The perforated masher also makes quick work of a soft vegetable or fruit. Plus, it’s curved to hug a bowl as you get to work. The handle to masher ratio is quite short, so this isn’t the best option if you’re mashing in a deep pot. Otherwise, this one is a keeper for all your other mashing needs.

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While pricey, this masher really covers a lot of bases. The style of holes in this masher makes for a fine, fluffy mash. One side curves up, which helps get extra coverage for deeper mashes. Plus, coming in at a steep 12 inches, this masher is the perfect size for whipping up big pots of airy potatoes to serve your guests on Thanksgiving. The handle is not only long, but it has good weight in it to help do the hard work.

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A potato ricer is an irreplaceable tool for the lightest mashed potatoes. This one in particular is a game changer because, if you’ve ever struggled through the initial push of a ricer, you know they can be a challenge to get going. The dual gear mechanism allows you to press potato through with little effort to ensure angel soft potatoes. It’s great for making gnocchi, the topping of a Shepherd’s pie or just a warm bowl of mashed potatoes. The fine hole stainless steel cup is also easily removed from the device for easy cleaning, and the whole thing can go in the dishwasher.

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