Wait, Are We All Making Froggy Bread Now?

Everyone’s bread obsession has taken an... interesting turn.

May 13, 2020

Your feed may be filled with beautiful photos of no-knead and sourdough bread – demurely puffy round loaves ready to be sliced open and slathered with butter while still steamy. And banana bread definitely had a minute there. But for some, the bread-baking trend has taken on new dimensions – sprouting arms, legs and eerily expressive, bulgy-eyed faces.

Ladies and gentlemen: Froggy Bread.

In video after video (a search for the hashtag #froggybread on TikTok returns 2.2 million views for videos some might call ribbiting – and you can find some fine examples on Instagram and Twitter, too), people are making bread dough and then sculpting it into the shape of frogs.

Some make big frogs, some small. Some are simple, streamlined and stylized, others quite elaborate. Some make happy-looking frogs, others sad. More than a few of them have come out looking rather… alarmed. But overall these amphibian-inspired loaves of bread are adorable!

While the trend has definitely leaped in popularity in recent weeks, the frog bread concept can trace its origins as far back as 2005.

If you want to jump on the frog bread trend, you could probably use just about any bread recipe.

But why stop at frogs?! You can make adorable bread animals in the shape of any little critter. Alligator bread? Check! Hedgehog bread? Check! Piggy rolls? Check!

Bread-forged froggies, eat your three-chambered hearts out!

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