Forget Sourdough — Focaccia Gardens Are About to Be Your Next Bread Obsession

Who doesn’t love using up leftover veggies?

June 27, 2020

We don’t have to tell you that bread is still having a moment. It’s safe to say that by now you’ve spotted plenty of yeasty creations all over your feeds, from froggy bread to homemade sourdough starters.

In early April, we reported that some at-home bakers were going above and beyond, transforming their sourdough bread into breathtaking, flower-filled works of art. Seriously, these gorgeous loaves were almost too pretty to eat!

However, it looks like sourdough art might be a thing of the past. Social media users have uncovered yet another beautiful way to procrastibake: focaccia gardens. These Instagram-friendly goodies use homemade focaccia as a canvas for drool-worthy gardens made from vegetables. The best part? Folks are using whatever leftover veggies they have on hand: bell pepper, radish, cherry tomato, onion, asparagus, you name it.

Similar to the aforementioned sourdough art, these edible masterpieces are made by first making focaccia dough. Let it rise and dimple the top as usual. Then, add olive oil and decorate to your heart’s desire. Use fresh herbs and their stems to craft the base of flowers and arrange chopped veggies into floral shapes.

This viral bread trend is already in full bloom, and so far, we’ve seen a number of fabulous focaccia gardens. Here are a few of our favorites:

We can’t get enough of this whimsical garden made entirely from veggies. Did you spot the bell pepper “butterflies” or the “grass” made from chives?

The sprinkling of poppy seeds surrounding the delicate “flowers” on this focaccia gives the bread a rustic look.

Nothing beets the impressive violet hue of this beetroot focaccia garden.

Pro tip: Use thinly sliced pieces of bell pepper and onion to construct petals for your garden’s flowers.

We’re having a hard time differentiating between these veggies and real flowers!

This focaccia is truly remarkable — the baker cleverly used an eggplant, herbs and red onion to craft a peacock.

Scallion, spring onion, fennel fronds, tomatoes, green olives and sesame seeds work together to form the shape of a tree.

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