You’ll Have New Bread Goals After You See This Sourdough Art

These loaves are almost too pretty to eat.

April 03, 2020

By now, you’ve probably seen a plethora of sourdough pictures all over your feed. Folks on Instagram are absolutely obsessed with posting every stage of their bread-making process, from starter to finish, and we’re totally here for it. Hey, who doesn’t love fresh bread?

However, some users are going above and beyond with the latest sourdough trend and are turning their breads into literal works of art.

Meet @vineyardbaker: a Toronto-based Instagram user who’s paving the way for gorgeous bread art. Her account profile states that she’s “putting the art in artisan breads,” and one scroll through the breath-taking, flower-filled baked goods on her page shows that sourdough has never looked so good.

How does she do it? According to her Instagram comments, she first lets her dough rise a bit before pressing fresh herbs and their stems into the bread to make the base of the flowers and other designs. She then slices up and pats down her peppers, olives, capers, grape tomatoes and other wet ingredients until dry (because no one likes soggy bread) before arranging them into flower-like shapes.

To give it that glossy look, she’ll finish the sourdough by brushing it with olive oil. Once the sourdough pops out of the oven, each loaf boasts a crisp, golden brown outer crust covered in colorful, floral depictions.

Since Vineyard Baker is focused on putting the art in artisanal breads, her creations aren’t limited to just sourdough. The baker has jazzed up her focaccia as well. Take a look at her self-dubbed “poppy focaccia” — after eight hours of fermentation, she finishes the bread by decorating it with poppy “flowers” made from fresh herbs, thinly sliced peppers and a brush of olive oil.

We also can’t get enough of her “VanDough” focaccia. “The dough is the canvas. There are no rules just art,” she writes about her whimsical breads topped with delicate bouquets of sunflowers, roses and more.

These artsy loaves truly belong in a museum… or better yet our stomachs!

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