This Trick Makes Baking Bread at Home So Much Easier

Tune into Alex's free class for her best tips and her must-try Parker House Rolls recipe.

March 23, 2020
By: Lauren Tom

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Let’s be honest. The bread basket at any restaurant totally makes the meal. The allure of warm, golden-brown rolls is hard to resist when they’re sitting right across from you at the table. It’s impossible to withstand temptation and, next thing you know, you’ve eaten four or five pieces of bread!

This simple indulgence is what really makes dinning out special: how satisfying freshly baked bread can be – and getting to eat as much of it as you want before your meal.

And, guess what? Re-creating that special restaurant experience at home is easy with Alex Guarnaschelli’s Parker House Rolls class on the Food Network Kitchen app. Her homemade buns will have you wanting to bake all the time (instead of taking a trip to the groceries for store-bought rolls 😝). When I saw Alex’s class, I knew I wanted to take it. And, no not just because I wanted to eat fluffy, buttery rolls – I also wanted to feel more confident in my bread-making skills. Sure enough, Alex’s relatable direction and helpful tips easily squashed my fear of bread-making.

When it comes to bread, adding the yeast to the dough is always intimidating for me. But Alex has a simple tip: she points out that the ingredients should all have a similar temperature. As she puts it, “If you put two grumpy people in a room, they’re going to grump out together. Two happy people – the same.” That means the yeast, butter, milk, and eggs should all be at the same temperature before you mix them together. This helps the dough come together and have the perfect texture. And that means restaurant-worthy rolls fresh from the oven whenever you want them!

Want even more baking tips and techniques? Sign up for the all-new Food Network Kitchen app and you can access on-demand classes from all your favorite chefs.

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