You Can Now Get Another Unlimited Fan Favorite at Olive Garden

Famous for their breadsticks, soup and salad, the chain is adding dipping sauces to their bottomless offerings.

June 01, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Olive Garden

Photo courtesy of Olive Garden

Olive Garden has long been appreciated by those who love to have a lot of a good thing. Whether it’s bottomless soup and salad, bread sticks or a pass for endless pastas – there’s always a way to get a whole lot of what you love.

Now, another menu favorite is being added to that list of “never-ending” menu items: dipping sauces!

While there’s no doubt that dipping sauces are quite popular with breadsticks – which are also bottomless – they have never been never-ending before, but now endless servings of Marinara, Five Cheese Marinara or Alfredo are available. In the past, each dipping sauce order was $3.99 for one 4-ounce portion. Now, for the same price, guests get unlimited refills (and can mix and match the sauces with each refill).

Another benefit of this deal is the ability to not choose a favorite. Much like with the bottomless pasta, it’s fair game to start with one variety and then switch it up. So maybe the first round of breadsticks can be dipped into a Marinara and the second can go for a creamy Alfredo. And then maybe back again to that Marinara. There are no rules!

As dipping sauce was always sold separately and didn’t automatically come with bread sticks – and at that were a single serving – this is quite a deal. But don’t go too overboard. You still want to leave room to order that soup and salad or pasta.

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