This TikTok Creamer Hack Will Save Your Busy Morning

Its genius is in its simplicity.

October 29, 2020


Photo by: Roberto Machado Noa/Getty

Roberto Machado Noa/Getty

Oh, TikTok, when it comes to kitchen tips, you give and you give. And you’ve seriously just given us a good one.

Those of you who drink creamer with your coffee will never again have to struggle with picking away at the foil safety seal over the top. Because so many have been there, bleary-eyed and pre-caffeine intake, trying to gain purchase around the edges of the bottle to rip the seal off, either entirely or least enough to allow the creamer to flow through.

But a strikingly simple hack shared by TikToker @carlyrose352 may save your morning.

“So here’s a tip I just learned,” @carlyrose352 says in a recently posted video.

She then goes on to point out a curve of protruding plastic under the creamer bottle’s flip-top, puts it over the sealed foil top and presses hard to puncture it, using both hands.

“And now it’s open,” she says, before putting the top back on with a smirk and pouring the creamer into her coffee.

“You’re welcome,” she says, triumphantly flipping her hair.

We say thank you. As do many of the commenters.

“O M G this is life changing. Thank you!” writes one.

But others are unconvinced.

“Genius idea but does it trigger anyone else to leave the foil on it tho???” one wonders.

Even those of us who are unconcerned about foil remnants, however, may be disturbed by the commenter who wrote, “I just rip it off with my teeth.”

Who wants to watch a video of that trick on TikTok?

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