Chipotle Quietly Closes a Customer-Favorite Loophole

The jig is up for burrito bowl "hackers."

October 21, 2020


Photo by: Joe Raedle/Getty

Joe Raedle/Getty

Chipotle has made a small change — having to do with small change — to its menu pricing: the Mexican-inspired food chain is now charging for a tortilla on the side.

The freshly warmed tortilla will now go for 25 cents.

Requesting and receiving the free tortilla, often given as a companion to burrito bowls gratis, was a Chipotle “hack” many customers felt was like discovering gold. Bargain hunters trying to wring more food out of their Chipotle order without paying more would order a burrito bowl, rather than a burrito, because you get more food in a bowl. Then they would gleefully ask for a tortilla on the side, which, historically, the chain did not charge extra for, and end up with all the elements of a burrito with filling to spare.

If you are smacking your head right now and saying, “Genius! I must try that next time I’m at Chipotle,” I’m sorry to inform you that it’s too late. Because this week, the chain closed the popular loophole, and now customers will be charged $0.25 for a side tortilla.

The company announced the change internally last week, and then, on Monday, the charge appeared on menus, Business Insider reports.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that fans of the free-food hack were in disbelief about the change: “chipotle finally started charging for side tortillas … thought this day would never come,” wrote one person.

Another: “Chipotle charging for tortillas now? The jig is up.”

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