15 Convincing Non-Alcoholic Wines You Should Try

There is a non-alcoholic wine for almost all of your favorite varieties!

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June 30, 2022
By: Hadiya Presswood

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Enjoying a wine-paired dinner or a drink during the holidays doesn’t have to include alcohol to be delicious and satisfying. There are plenty of non-alcoholic wines in the varieties you already know and love for you to enjoy during the holidays and beyond. These brands of wine are non-alcoholic varieties of some already popular names in the world of adult beverages, and they typically undergo the traditional fermentation process before the alcohol is removed through various techniques, resulting in a drink that is no more than 0.05% ABV. Whether you’re trying to moderate your alcohol intake, pregnant or breastfeeding, alcohol-free or just want to try another option, here is a roundup of alcohol-free wines.

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Ariel’s cabernet sauvignon is made with aromas of black currants, cherry, blueberries and chocolate. Aged in oak, this wine has a dry finish that pairs well with savory fare.

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This lightly carbonated, Spanish wine has crisp tastes of apple that pairs well with light fare and appetizers. Although chardonnay is known to be dry, this one has a slight sweetness to it.

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The tartness of apple is complemented by a light butterscotch in this chardonnay. It's aged in a French oak bouquet that helps to round out the sweetness.

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Hailing from Spain, this champagne has hints of apple and citrus, making it perfect for festive occasions. It is light-bodied and bubbly.

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This dry yet refreshing brut is a blend of chenin blanc and pinot noir. It is a part of Sutter Home's Fre line that retain the taste of wines and removes the alcohol.

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This bubbly and crisp brut has hints of citrus and melon, making it a nice choice for simple mimosas or for more festive occasions.

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It's always good to have a classic red blend on hand for impromptu hosting. Fre's red blend is a semisweet choice, balanced by grapes and black cherries, with a slightly smoky finish.

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Luminara’s red blend, made with fruit from Napa Valley and aged in French and American oak, has the taste of black cherry, smoke and various spices, creating a deep, textured experience.

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Noughty’s rosé is light, dry and bubbly. It’s a full-bodied Spanish wine with hints of apple and raspberry.

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Surely sparkling rosé, made with grapes, also has hints of guava, strawberry, kiwi and melon. The light body and bubbles make it a good choice for any occasion.

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This California wine has tastes of black cherry, strawberry and raspberries with a full-body finish. The rosé pairs well with light foods, like appetizers and cheeses.

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St. Regis' secco, made in California, is balanced by fruity citrus, nutmeg and floral hints. It is a bubbly, medium-bodied beverage.

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Sparkling cider is a go-to beverage for celebrations, so it is wise to have at least one non-alcoholic option. Martinelli's champagne cider, made with apples grown in the United States, is as fizzy and sweet as other ciders.

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Stella Rosa is a brand of Italian wines known for their aromatic grapes, sourced from the Asti region of Italy. In addition to the black variety, their Naturals line comes in peach, rosé and a red blend.

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Starla Wine is a brand fully dedicated to making non-alcoholic wine, fermenting the grapes and then removing the alcohol to preserving the taste and body. Their varieties include a red blend, a sparkling rosé and a sauvignon blanc.

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