Bring the Bar Home with These 10 Cocktail Delivery Services

It's about time you put that bar cart to good use!

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October 15, 2021

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At-home happy hours are all the rage these days. And bringing the bartender to you is easier than ever with cocktail delivery services that send everything you need to make your favorite drinks from the comfort of your own couch. Whether you're interested in making fancy cocktails or delicious mocktails, there's a service for you.

Let American Cocktail Club spice up your repertoire of drinks with their monthly subscription box. On the 20th of each month, they ship out a box stocked with everything you need to make that month’s specialty cocktail. For July’s "Virtual Vacay" cocktail, subscribers will receive American Cocktail Co.’s Watermelon Mojito mixer, Coconut Bacardi, grapefruit soda and a dried grapefruit wheel for garnish. You can also select an alcohol-free kit if you have enough at home. If you’d rather shop a la cart, American Cocktail Co. offers their mixers, bar tools and an Old Fashioned box for one-time purchases.

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Cocktail Courier offers a variety of services designed for novices and experts alike. Order a cocktail kit set with alcohol, mixers and garnish (the Southern American Old Fashioned kit includes bitters, orange liqueur, pisco and oranges). Or, opt for a non-alcoholic kit if you have plenty of booze at home. Cocktail kits are offered in a variety of sizes (some have just the right amount for a pair of cocktails or enough for a crowd) and are themed for season and occasion. When fixing your drink, make sure to pull up their site, as each cocktail lists recommended tools, which you can shop for on their site, and tips to create the perfect drink.

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Do you love a specific spirit (say vodka, gin or whiskey) but are tired of making the same old mixed drinks at home? This delivery service can help! Browse kits based on alcohol preference and opt to have it delivered with or without the alcohol. If you love gin, try out the Bitter White Lady, which comes with Treecraft London Dry Gin, orange liquor, Liber & Co. Grapefruit Cordial, bitters, lime and a grapefruit crisp garnish — stirrers included. The recipe also includes some helpful tips, like adding egg white to the Bitter White Lady for a layer of delicious froth. SaloonBox also offers a monthly subscription of original recipes created by bartenders and their team. The recipes are designed for two people, and SaloonBox gives you the option to skip or make substitutions based on preference. Add bar tools and glasses to your cart to get the full at-home bar experience.

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Crafted Taste prides itself on having a variety of fun and unique cocktail kits to spice up your nightcap and make good use of your aesthetically pleasing bar cart — and they definitely don’t disappoint. Shop individual cocktail kits, which include an Oaxaca Old Fashioned complete with Xocolatl Mole bitters and smoked sea salt, and The London Holiday, which comes with Pimm’s No. 1, Sadaf Rose Water, Belvoir Elderflower Presse and Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup. Switch things up with a monthly subscription, which includes all the mix-ins (with or without alcohol) for a specialty cocktail each month.

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If you already have plenty of alcohol at home and are just looking for new mix-ins, turn to Mouth. In addition to offering jerky, pickle and snack monthly subscription boxes, Mouth also offers a selection of cocktail kits set with small-batch mixers and recipes, all you need to provide is the alcohol. Commit to a monthly subscription or pick from one of their many cocktail kits, with options including a "Just Add Champagne" gift box with a raspberry mule cocktail mixer, tart cherry grenadine, spiced cherry bitters, bourbon cocktail cherries, napkins and stemless champagne flutes by Govino.

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With a subscription from Shaker & Spoon, you’ll get more out of your monthly box than just a delicious cocktail. Each box is built around a specific spirit, and the recipe cards include step-by-step instructions and a glossary to explain any bartender terms you might not be familiar with. Plus, there are how-to videos on the site to coach you through all the stirring, muddling and mixing of your monthly drink. Everything you need, other than the alcohol, is included to help you craft bar-worthy drinks in the comfort of your own home, including house-made, specialty syrups, bitters, garnishes, mixers and citrus.

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Mixology company, Hella Cocktail Co., is currently offering two cocktail kits in addition to the mixers, bitters and canned Bitters & Soda already offered through the site. If you’re looking for the perfect weekend brunch cocktail, opt for the "I Miss Brunch Survival Kit", which comes with everything you need to make a Peach Bellini, Rosemary Collins and a classic Bloody Mary. To spice up your dinner at home, grab the "If Life Gives You Limes" kit, which is perfect for whipping up margaritas.

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If you’re the type of person who either isn’t quite sure about what you like or likes to experiment to find more of what you like, Flaviar may be the option for you. They deliver themed boxes containing three sample-sized bottles. Members enjoy perks like discounted boxes and guided tastings as well as help tracking what they’ve tasted, and more importantly, what they like. To further create your own home bar, you can buy apparel, accessories and individual, full-sized bottles. If you want a simple introduction, try the "Flaviar Welcome Box," or try a regional box like "The Spirit of South America," containing mezcal, pisco and singani, or experiment with whiskey with "The Secret Flavors of Japan" box.

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Sourced not only helps you find spirits from nearby retailers, but they offer a service where a local bartender delivers your order and will mix the drink at your doorstep. You can create three types of orders: Today's Menu, a curated seasonal cocktail menu; Build Your Own Kit, containing one spirit and one cocktail mixer; and Sourced on Tap, which comes with spirits, mixers, a cocktail infuser machine and the bartender (who mixes the drink for you). This is a bit more of a niche service, only serving a select few major cities, and you do have to schedule your delivery during a specific window.

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Technically, Drizly doesn’t deliver cocktail boxes, but if you’ve ever been in charge of supplying last-minute drinks for a crowd, Drizly is the perfect source for you, especially if you don’t want to leave the gathering. It deserves an honorable mention because after you enter your address for delivery (check the website for where service is available!), you’ll be shown a selection of nearby alcoholic beverages. After you make your selections, a driver will be assigned for delivery. You can even add snacks, mixers, party supplies and pairing or buying guides to your order and have the options to purchase for a business function or as a gift. As a bonus, Drizly partners with local retailers, so it’s likely you’ll have your order in about an hour.

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