7 Best Smoothie Delivery Services, Tested and Reviewed

Whether you want a smoothie that's pre-blended or blender-ready, we found the right service for you.

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Updated on March 01, 2024
Woman pouring smoothie into glasses


Woman pouring smoothie into glasses

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Our Top Smoothie Box Picks

If your idea of a perfect morning is having a smoothie ready to mix, blend or sip, without having to head to a juice bar, a smoothie delivery service is for you. Shippable smoothies come in a variety of sizes and vessels. Some come pre-blended in ready-to-drink bottles, while others come pre-measured in a disposable cup or packet that just requires you to add your favorite liquid. The goal of all these services is the same: fast, delicious smoothies for on-the-go living. We tested, sipped and blended a dozen different mail-order smoothies in our quest to find the ones that are the most delicious. Read on for our seven favorites.

$160 for 20 smoothies

A cool twist: When you order a SmoothieBox you’ll receive flash-frozen ingredients that lock in nutrients and each box comes with 20 premade frozen smoothie packs (each pack makes two smoothies). For a little extra, you can order from a wide range of boosters, such as vanilla whey protein and collagen. To kick it off, try the Variety Box, which contains 5 cacao smoothie mixes, 5 berry smoothie mixes, 5 green smoothie mixes and 5 clementine smoothie mixes. Once your box arrives, you simply pour the mix and your favorite liquid into your blender and sip to your heart’s content.

$82.92 for 7 smoothies

The Breakfast Plan comes with five protein-packed smoothies delivered to you every week that promise to give your day a healthy start as Splendid Spoon’s smoothies are made with fruits, clean protein and no added sugar. These arrive ready to sip and we love that there are always new additions to the smoothie offerings (for example, right now you can select Coconut Lime with avocado and spirulina or Pumpkin Spice with cinnamon and allspice) and you can even opt for banana-free or protein-packed smoothies if that’s your preference.

$40 for variety pack (8 smoothies)

We really love the portability of this smoothie starter created by a women-owned company. Each serving of this plant-based smoothie comes in a super-flat packet that you can easily stow in your carry on. Once you’re ready to sip (the flavors range from Tropical Greens and Maqui Superfruit to Bold Cacao and Apple Spice), you simply mix four ounces of water or milk with the Realm powder (it’s nut-free, dairy free and contains no added sugar) in your shaker and then add another four ounces of water or milk, shake and, with that, you’re all set for a delicious to-go smoothie.

See website for buying options

Blendtopia smoothie packs are designed with functionality and creativity in mind. Non-keto smoothies all start with a base of pineapple and banana, which adds natural sweetness to every variety whether you opt for Glow, Immunity, Strength or Detox. The keto smoothie line is made with real fruits and veggies and contains MCT Oil for the boost of fat those on the diet are looking for. Each smoothie packet can be blended up for two servings and are thick enough to make a smoothie bowl complete with additional toppings.

$49.99 for 10 smoothies

All you need to do is keep these smoothie packets in the pantry and reach for one should you have a smoothie craving — that’s because these gluten-free, plant-based smoothies are shelf stable (most last a year) and are tasty, too. They’re super easy to make, too. Just pour the contents of the protein- and fiber-rich packet into a blender, add one cup of ice, one cup of your favorite milk or water and blend until smooth. If fruity is your jam, we recommend Unbelievaberry, a delish blend of raspberries, strawberries, pomegranate and superfoods.

From $6.99 per smoothie

There’s something about the packaging of these chef-crafted smoothies that will make your heart lift. Whether it’s Hint of Mint or Pink Dragon, each of these smoothies is as delicious and nutritious (all are packed with protein, vitamins and fiber) as the cups are stylish on your desk. Just be sure to have a blender on-hand and, to prepare, simply fill a cup with your preferred liquid, pour the contents into a blender and blend.

$79.92 for 8 smoothies

Making a Shake Please smoothie is a two-part process, but a fun one at that. All you need to do is combine a cup of frozen fruits or veggies with your preferred liquid (pick whatever tastes good to you) and then toss the matching pouch of either chocolate or vanilla whey protein into a blender. Tip: The pouches don’t need to be in the freezer (you can store them in the fridge or a cupboard). Each smoothie packs in a healthy dose of protein which is ideal after a tough strength training session.

How We Tested

We purchased products (variety packs, when possible) from 12 well-reviewed smoothie delivery services. We evaluated the packaging, reading material and nutrition information of each service and smoothie we received. Then we made each smoothie according to package instructions and tasted it for flavor. We also took into consideration how easy each smoothie was to make and how many additional ingredients and appliances were needed. To make our final decisions, we also evaluated the price point of each smoothie.

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