9 Best Reusable Water Bottles of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

We've tried dozens of reusable water bottles on the market, and these bottles are the best you can buy.

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Updated on January 18, 2024

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Our Top Water Bottle Picks

By Sharon Franke for Food Network Kitchen

Using a reusable water bottle is a no-brainer. It’s an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to stay hydrated throughout the day. If you select one that’s comfortable to drink from, keeps your water icy cold, and doesn’t leak, you’ll be more likely to make using it a habit. We’ve rounded up a selection of top-performing bottles made from a variety of materials and fitted with different types of lids to help you find the best one for all types of activities from working in an office, to taking a spin class, to serious hiking as well as one especially for kids.

What to Consider When Buying Water Bottles

What’s It Made Of?

The majority of reusable water bottles are made from either plastic, stainless steel, or glass. Plastic models are lightweight, durable, and inexpensive. However, they can pick up flavors and odors and they’re plastic, which you may prefer to avoid. While glass bottles won’t impart any off-tastes to your water, they are heavy to tote around. Most offer some protection against breakage, but you still have to be careful not to drop or throw them. While stainless steel bottles aren’t overly heavy and offer good insulation properties, they often have to be washed by hand and if not cleaned carefully can develop odors.

How Do You Open It?

Bottles with lids that have spouts and straws can be easily opened with one hand which makes them convenient to drink from while you’re driving or exercising. Plus, they’re comfortable to sip out of and, as their lids remains attached, there’s no chance they’ll get lost. However, this type of lid has more parts which can malfunction and require more attention to detail when you’re cleaning them. With screw top lids, you need to stop what you’re doing and use two hands to take a drink and you have to be careful not to misplace the lid. However, these lids are straightforward to clean and there’s no chance that a mechanism will break.

Wide or Narrow Mouth?

No doubt about it. It’s more pleasant to drink from a bottle with a narrow mouth. But if you like to add ice to your water, you may find it hard to add cubes through the opening. Plus, you’ll need to equip yourself with a bottle brush to clean inside a narrow-mouth bottle. While it’s less comfortable to sip from a wide opening, you may find the advantages are worth putting up with a little discomfort.

Clip or Handle?

If you’re a walker, look for a handle that makes it easy to carry the bottle with you while you get your steps in. A carbineer clip will allow you to clip your bottle onto your backpack for commuting or hiking.

How to Care for and Clean Your Reusable Water Bottle

  • Clean it with hot soapy water or, if possible, in the dishwasher after every use, even if it was only filled with water.
  • Don’t store the bottle with the lid screwed on tightly. You want to avoid trapping moisture inside which can allow bacteria or mold to fester in the bottle.
  • If you find your bottle develops a funky smell, fill it with a solution made from equal parts water and vinegar and let it sit overnight. Be sure to wash it thoroughly the next day.
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How We Picked

We have years of experience testing water bottles as well as using them in our own daily lives during everything from commuting to work to hiking with our families on weekends. That’s why we’re confident that the bottles we’re recommending are the best you can buy. To double check our selections, we read what other professional reviewers have to say and what users report about their experiences.

Our picks include bottles made of a variety of materials so that regardless of your preference, you can find a water bottle that you’ll want to take with you every time you leave the house.

This article has been reviewed since its original publish date for accuracy, pricing and availability. We stand by our list of top water bottle picks.


Just about anyone will be happy with the Hydro Flask. It’s slim, lightweight, and has a handle so it’s easy to take with you on a walk, plop in your car’s cup holder, or stash in your backpack. As the mouth isn’t overly wide, it’s comfortable to drink from but not so narrow that you can’t add easily add ice. The matte finish on outside helps give you a good grip. With its excellent insulation properties, the Hydro Flask will keep your water cold for up to 24 hours and won’t sweat on the outside. As it’s also leakproof so you don’t have to worry about spills or dribbles. This bottle can safely be placed in the dishwasher. If you opt for hand cleaning, you’ll want to equip yourself with a bottle brush to reach the bottom. Hydro Flask also offers this model in 18- and 24-ounce sizes as well as a large array of colors.

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Nalgene is the OG of water bottles. Made of plastic, this bottle is inexpensive and lightweight. With its screw-on top, it’s easy to open and close and the loop that connects the lid to the bottle means you don’t have to worry about missing parts. When tightly closed, the bottle is leakproof. Although it has no insulating properties, the wide mouth provides plenty of room to add ice cubes. Measurement markings on the side are convenient if you add a powdered protein to your water or just to keep track of how much you’ve been drinking. You can go ahead and pop this bottle in the dishwasher but if you prefer to hand wash it, you’ll find the wide opening makes it easy to get inside for thorough cleaning without a brush. Sustain bottles are made of a material derived from 50% recycled plastic. They come in 16- and 32-ounce sizes and in several transparent colors.

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If you prefer drinking out of glass, which can’t pick up any unpleasant tastes, consider this model from Lifefactory. You can open the lid to sip from a spout or remove it entirely to get the experience of drinking out of a glass tumbler. Although the glass offers no insulating properties, you can easily add ice through the wide mouth. Around the glass there’s a silicone sleeve that make it comfy to grip and gives protection against breakage; it doesn’t have to be removed when you pop the bottle in the dishwasher. As glass is heavier than plastic or stainless steel, you may not want to tote around an extra-large Lifefactory; 16 ounces is enough for a healthy dose of water. You can also choose a 12- or 20-ounce bottle and from a large assortment of colors.

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You carry a drink container with you everywhere so why shouldn’t it be good-looking? Elegant S’well bottles are available with everything from wood grain to marbled to flowered patterns as well as solid colors on the exterior. In addition to being beautiful, these stainless-steel bottles are vacuum insulated to keep water freezing cold and coffee steaming hot. They’re watertight and don’t produce any condensation on the outside so you can toss one in a tote without worrying that it will make a mess. You have to unscrew the lid completely, so you need to be careful not to misplace it. With their smooth finish and narrow opening, S’Well bottles are exceptionally pleasant to drink from. However, if you want to add ice, you’ll need very slender cubes or chips. And these bottles are strictly hand wash. Choose from 9-, 17-, and 25-ounce sizes.

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Funtainer has lots of features that make it ideal for kids. It’s sized for small hands and has a button that’s super easy for little ones to press open, revealing a straw that’s perfectly angled for sipping. Thanks to vacuum insulation, this 12-ounce stainless-steel bottle will keep water cold for a full school day. As long as your child remembers to close it, it’s leak proof; plus it doesn’t sweat. That means if it’s thrown in a book bag, Funtainer won’t dribble on homework and artwork. On top, there’s a grip handle for carrying the bottle to recess. The silicone straw can be removed for thorough cleaning and Funtainer can be placed in the dishwasher. It comes in an assortment of bright colors as well as kid-friendly themes.

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The Eddy easily fits in a cupholder and has a straw that’s convenient to sip from without tipping your head back, making it ideal when you’re behind the wheel. To open the straw, you bite on it and when you’re not drinking the straw folds down into the lid. While the bottle’s lightweight and very affordable, it doesn’t have insulating properties. You can remove the lid and fill it with ice but don’t expect it to keep water cold on a long drive. A loop on top makes the Eddy easy to carry and it can be tossed in the dishwasher. It comes in 20-, 25-, and 32-ounce sizes and many transparent shades.

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Hikers, campers, and fishermen will love the hefty feel and rugged construction of the Rambler. They’ll also find it exceptionally good at keeping water cold during a long day on the trail or in a boat. When they twist the handle off, they’ll find a so-called chug cap which has a narrow spout that prevents dripping. Take the chug cap off and there’s a wide opening for adding ice cubes and cleaning. The Yeti is heavier and wider than most water bottles so it’s not the best choice for runners and doesn’t fit in most cup holders. Eighteen-, 26-, and 32-ounce sizes and multiple colors are offered. On the company website, you can customize drinkware with your own design or chose one offered by Yeti, including team and state logos.

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If you refill your water bottle throughout the day and want to make sure your water is filtered, the Brita with a built-in filter is the perfect choice. The slim filter fits inside the straw and remains effective at removing chlorine and other contaminants that affect taste for about two months. This water bottle also has just about every other positive attribute you can think of. With stainless steel insulation, it will keep your beverage cold for up to 24 hours. It’s leakproof and won’t form sweat beads on the outside so you can toss it in your bag without worrying that it will make a mess. There’s a straw for sipping, but the lid is removable to add ice. On top, there’s a handle to make it easy to carry when you’re walking and it’s slim enough to fit in a cup holder. The filter does add a little weight to the bottle, and, of course, you do have to change it. One is included with the bottle and a pack of six replacement filters costs $19.50.

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When one person is carrying the water for the whole group or you’re camping in the woods and need enough water to last overnight, the Klean Kanteen with a humongous half gallon capacity is the bottle you’ll want. Of course, when filled to capacity, it is heavy, weighing in about 6 pounds, so it might be a good choice when you’re driving rather than hiking to your campsite or just taking a road trip. The Klean Kanteen excels at keeping water cold – after two days, water still tastes like it came right from the fridge. If you fill the bottle with tea, coffee, or cocoa to enjoy at the campfire, you’ll find your beverage stays steamy for about 14 hours. The wide mouth makes it easy to wash the bottle in a stream or you can put it in the dishwasher when you get home.

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