TikTok's Favorite Jumbo Water Cup Just Restocked In Two Brand-New Colors

The elusive Stanley Quencher now comes in two gorgeous shades: Tigerlily and Pool.

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March 28, 2023
By: Taylor Murray

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Photo c/o Stanley

This article has been updated since its original publish date to include the new Soft Matte tumbler collection and the two new Quencher colors for March 2023, Citrus and Jade.

If you’ve scrolled through TikTok or Instagram recently, chances are you were tempted to buy something you saw someone else using on the platform. That’s not an accident, as consumers are increasingly unresponsive and jaded to traditional forms of advertising. Instead of believing a highly scripted and polished ad, wouldn’t you be more likely to trust the word of a good friend? What about a real person that you follow on social media with impeccable taste?

It’s a plain fact that we all need to be drinking more water and this can be straight-up hard to do. The Mayo Clinic suggests between 11 and 15.5 cups per day depending on gender. That’s 88 to 124 cups of water, every day. A good quality water bottle can be the difference between staying hydrated and getting parched. With thousands of water cups on the market, people are starting to become die-hard devotees to their favorite. If a newcomer breaks onto the market today, it has to be seriously great.

One such newcomer is the Stanley 40 oz Quencher. On TikTok, there are 3 million views across all the videos with the hashtag #stanleyquencher alone (and 11 million for #stanleytumbler), and that’s not including videos where someone is merely using one and didn’t tag the cup. Videos ripple across YouTube extolling the greatness of this giant water cup that can still fit in a car cupholder. Influencers behind The Buy Guide swear by this water cup and regularly feature them on their product round-ups. On eBay, resellers hawk certain coveted colors for as much as $180 (the cup retails for $40). But how does one actually buy a Stanley Quencher if the cups sell out so quickly? And do they really live up to the hype? We spoke to Terence Reilly, the Global President of Stanley, to find out more.

Mark your calendar for the next drop, now.

Stanley's latest 40 oz Quencher drop is here — and you'll want to snag one while you can: The waitlist for a Stanley 40 oz Quencher on Stanley's website is more than 135,000 customers long. "The Stanley 40oz Adventure Quencher is a coveted must-have hydration product," sats Reilly. "The waitlist for the Quencher reached an all time high of 150,000 quite recently." Because of its insane popularity and essentially guaranteed waitlist status, Stanley introduced a "Notify Me" feature to its site. Customers can choose to be notified about their favorite color, size or other products if they're currently sold out.

Expect new colors with each drop.

Stanley's line of Quencher cups is one of the most colorful ones the brand has. "With the launch of our IceFlow(™) Flip Straw collection last year, we incorporated bright colors like Guava and Saffron in addition to our classic neutrals like Polar and Charcoal. Within hours, products were selling out, and we knew this had to do with our expanded color assortment," says Reilly. This latest drop introduced a variety of metallic tumblers to the catalogue.

Some staple colors will always be in new drops, but others are only for a limited time.

Stanley's Quencher line has 11 core colors that renew with every drop. Some limited edition colors can be purchased on ebay or Poshmark at a premium price, but Stanley says they're always coming up with new colors for every restock, so patience might just be the answer.

If you miss an online restock, check out online retailers and local stores.

Stanley knows their products are popular and they've expanded their offerings to major retailers including Amazon, REI, Dick's Sporting Goods, Target and Whole Foods stores. We've also seen the Quencher sold online at Williams Sonoma in three colorways. "The Stanley bear is truly everywhere," says Reilly. Some retail partners have exlusive colors not found on Stanley's website.

Wondering if the Stanley Quencer lives up to the hype? We tried it.

Heat Retention Test: We started with hot water at 202 degrees F and checked the temperature every hour. After 4 hours, it lost 40 degrees, and it took 18 hours to return to room temperature.

Cold Retention Test: We started with cold 43 degrees F water and checked the temperature every hour. In 4 hours, it had lost 8 degrees, and it took almost 24 hours to return to room temperature.

Drop Test: After a fall from 3 feet (full of liquid), the bottom of the cup did scratch lightly but did not dent.

Leak Test: The mug is not leak-proof, but merely spill-proof. The lid will prevent splashing but will only stop liquid from spilling to a point. If it falls on its side, you’re likely to lose much of your beverage.

The Verdict: Great for drinking water.

It is a great cup, if only for how much water it can hold while still being able to fit in a cup holder — a must-have combo for busy parents and working people alike who find themselves driving much of the day. The handle makes it easy to hold, and the straw is wide for maximum rate of sippage. Because the top is not spill-proof, it leaks heat along with liquid. This cup is ideal for a day’s worth of cold water but for keeping coffee for long periods of time, look for an insulated thermos instead.

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