TikTok’s Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream Hack Lives Up to the Hype

Little effort. Big payoff.

April 04, 2023

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Photo by: Amy Reiter

Amy Reiter

Not all TikTok food trends are worth your time. But let me cut right to the chase: the Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream Hack trending right now definitely is.

“Yo! You have to try this!” exclaims @davidparody1 in a viral TikTok video showing off the hack as he bites into his fruit-rolled-ice-cream concoction. “Mmmm! Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm …”

@davidparody1 Frozen fruit roll up and ice cream #fruitrollupicecream ♬ original sound - DavidParody

So, I did try it. The hack entails carefully unrolling a Fruit Roll-Up and laying it flat. Then, putting a modest scoop of ice cream in the middle of the flattened Fruit Roll-Up, folding the Fruit Roll-Up tightly around the ice cream and then crimping in the corners so it’s all mushed tight against the ice cream.

Once you bite into it, you’ll notice, and hopefully enjoy, the crackle of the frozen layer of fruitiness against the smoothness of the ice cream, the blend of tangy and sweet, and the chewy residue of the Fruit Roll-up in your teeth left behind as your mouth melts the ice cream.

The bottom line? This hack is seriously easy and delicious. Little effort. Big payoff. And after trying it — repeatedly — myself, I have a few pointers if you’re looking to try it, too:

  • After you freshly assemble your treat, some TikTokers (including @davidparody1, whose method I followed) freeze the Fruit Roll-Up-ice-cream concoction, but you don’t have to. As long as you tightly mush in the Roll-Up (I found it worked well to fold in the shorter corners of the Roll-Up first, and then the longer ones, before crimping what was left), the ice cream will freeze it into snappy submission immediately. No need to wait to enjoy it!
  • You can use a variety of ice cream and Fruit Roll-Up flavors. I used vanilla ice cream, as @davidparody1 did, with three different Roll-Up flavors: Tropical Tie-Dye, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry. All three are extremely tasty. My favorite was the Tie-Dye, but that may be because it was the first one I tried.
  • You might find the Fruit Roll-Up a little sticky at first, but stick with it and unstick any stuck parts and just flatten them out before proceeding and all will be fine.
  • Please don’t eat the plastic on the Fruit Roll-Ups. Obvious? Well, yes, but apparently not to everyone.
@golisdream #sweetdreams #fruitrollups #icecream ♬ original sound - golisdream

Modest variations among TikTokers abound. Golnar Ghavami, whose video about the hack on her @golisdream TikTok account has garnered 13.7 million views since she shared it on February 25, prefers mango ice cream. She also rolls her Fruit Roll-Up around the ice cream like a burrito, rather than crimping it into a mound. And she doesn’t bother freezing her creation after she’s rolled it.

“Make sure you tightly wrap the Fruit Roll-Up fully around the ice cream, so it becomes cold and completely freezes,” Ghavami advises. “I love that it doesn’t require any freezer time and that you can use any ice cream you’d like.”

Ghavami says the “sweet tartness from the Fruit Roll-Up and the creamy, refreshing goodness from the ice cream all in one bite” can’t be beat. “But really, the satisfying crunch factor is the best part,” she adds. “It’s an unexpected, sweet surprise and it makes the snacking experience so fun to eat.”


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