Cereal Hacks to Up Your Breakfast Game

Go beyond the usual bowl of flakes with these fun ideas from The Kitchen hosts.

Katie Lee Biegel shares an Edible Cereal Treat Bowls for Ice Cream Sundaes, as seen on The Kitchen, season 30.

Katie Lee Biegel shares an Edible Cereal Treat Bowls for Ice Cream Sundaes, as seen on The Kitchen, season 30.

Is there anything more nostalgic than a bowl of cereal? The Kitchen hosts show us two trendy tricks to upgrade this breakfast classic and bring out the kid in all of us!

Hack 1: Freeze Cereal Before Eating?! You’ve got to taste it to believe it!

This viral TikTok trend takes the average bowl of cereal to a cool new level! According to social media, freezing your bowl of cereal before eating it makes it taste better, prevents it from getting soggy and gives it a crunchy, cool texture. So, Alex Guarnaschelli puts it to the test and spoiler alertshe approves! Try it at home, too; simply place a bowl of cereal (anything works, but we used apple O’s) into the freezer for 1 to 2 hours or up to overnight if you wish, then add milk and enjoy!

Hack 2: Mix Cereals for Fun Flavor Combos

Everyone has their favorite go-to cereal, but this tip takes your bowl to brand new flavor heights! Jeff Mauro shares the trick of combining different types of cereals to create exciting new flavor profilesjust mix a few together for new tastes and textures! First, Jeff combines chocolate-flavored cereal with marshmallow cereal and honey graham squares for "s’mores" by the spoonful. Then he’s got another one up his sleeve! Next, he combines apple O’s with cinnamon squares to give you “spiced apple pie” in every bite! Mix and match with your favorite cereals at home and enjoy!

Bonus: Check out Katie Lee Biegel’s hack for turning cereal into Edible Cereal Treat Bowls for Ice Cream Sundaes.

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