Please Don’t Eat the Plastic in Fruit Roll-Ups

After several concerning videos, Fruit Roll-Ups felt compelled to release an official warning to TikTokers not to eat the plastic wrapped around its fruit leather.

March 24, 2023


Photo by: Don Bartletti/Getty Images

Don Bartletti/Getty Images

People … people. Do not: eat the plastic wrapping on Fruit Roll-Ups.

Fruit Roll-Ups felt compelled to take to TikTok on Tuesday to warn people not to eat the plastic in which its fruit leather is rolled.

In a video posted to Fruit Roll-Up’s official TikTok account, captioned “legal is making me clarify that you should not attempt to eat plastic,” a young woman removes a Fruit Roll-Up from the freezer and bites into it revealing … “plastic.”

@fruitrollups #stitch with @hollyberry09 legal is making me clarify that you should not attempt to eat plastic #fruitrollup ♬ original sound - Fruit Roll-Ups

Obvious? Well, sure, but not to some TikTok users, who have shown themselves eating the snack frozen, without removing any plastic.

“Did I eat the plastic? I hope not,” says @hollyberry09 in a video, viewed more than 6.9 million times, in which she chows down on a just-opened raspberry Fruit Roll-Up. That video followed this one, in which she wordlessly ate a strawberry-flavored one without showing herself removing any plastic.

“No ice cream. Nothing needed. Just stick ’em in the freezer,” says @kitchentool in a video that has generated 1.3 million views since it was posted on March 8. “Mmmm. This is good,” he adds, chomping directly into a Fruit Roll-Up he appears to have just unwrapped.

Not long later, @kitchentool, who has 377,500 followers and in two previous videos depicted himself separating the frozen fruit leather from the plastic in which it has been rolled before eating it with ice cream, appears to remember something. “Isn’t there plastic?” He asks the camera, and then, after placing his hand to his mouth, he keeps eating and shrugs. “Oh well.”

@kitchentool’s viral video sparked a flurry of alarmed comments and responses, including this spot-on duet video, in which asks, “The plastic! Did you just eat plastic?! Did you just eat plastic? Why are you eating the plastic? … Why? Why?!”

In duet response to the official Fruit Roll-Up video, @kitchentool himself posted a response: “Miss Fruit Roll-Up debunking us … There’s plastic, OK? There’s plastic, guys. Don’t eat plastic.”

Then, in a follow-up video, he shared his method of removing the plastic from the Fruit Roll-Ups and resealing the outer packaging with an iron before freezing them.

The lessons here? 1. Don’t eat plastic. And 2. Yeah, maybe don’t believe everything you see on TikTok.

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