A Recipe Developer Weighs In On Drake's Raisin Mac and Cheese

The rapper allegedly served the curious combination at his birthday party and the internet is very concerned.

October 27, 2020

Photo by: @champagnepapi/Instagram


The year is 2020, and while it’d be fair to be concerned if anyone – celebrity or not – had a birthday party (or any gathering, really) sans masks or social distancing, a totally unrelated controversy has arisen after Drake’s recent birthday soirée.

The Canadian rapper appears to have headed out to Los Angeles for a party to celebrate his 34th birthday. While he hasnt explicitly mentioned the party or its menu himself, the event allegedly included a pretty eclectic array of food options everything from a sushi platter to a chicken-based Bolognese. But what’s really confusing people is: the mac and cheese.

While some may argue about whether a good baked mac is best served low- or high-brow, Drake’s birthday party menu featured a mac and cheese that was decidedly sweet and savory – served with sundried tomatoes, parsley, capers and… raisins. Yes, raisins.

Now, while the other ingredients are pretty understandable, social media is really confused as to what on Earth raisins are doing in there.

Raisins mixed with noodles isn’t entirely new – it’s the basis of, say, a noodle kugel.

But in the case of raisins in mac and cheese? We asked Amanda Neal, a recipe developer for Food Network Kitchen, to weigh in: “Raisins in macaroni and cheese could work, but only if you’re using the right cheese. Sweet golden raisins are delicious with sharp cheeses like Pecorino Romano and even funky cheeses like Gouda or Fontina. But I would leave the raisins out of the classic cheddar and mac recipes.”

It’s also hard to ignore that the grilled cauliflower dish on the same menu too involves sundried tomatoes, parsley, capers and raisins, so all this roasting may be due to a simple printing error.

Regardless, maybe the sweet and savory mac concept is something to wrap our heads around this holiday season.

Hey, if it’s good enough for a Drake party …

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