Your Favorite Whipped Coffee Is Also a Delicious Ice Cream Flavor

It’s dalgona coffee’s more luscious cousin.

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December 24, 2020

One upside of 2020 was the extra time many of us gained in the morning. And what did we do with those extra 30 minutes, not spent commuting? Whipped up equal parts hot water, sugar and instant coffee to make none other than: dalgona coffee.

At the start of quarantine, back in March, many stumbled upon the Korean whipped coffee drink that seemed to make just a few ingredients into something magical. With a whisk and a strong wrist, a no-frills cup of joe could be turned into a two-tone glass of pillowy joy. But more importantly, it brought a moment of happy collective distraction during a time of uncertainty. According to TikTok’s annual trend report, the transformative drink was the second most viral food trend on the app this year (right behind pancake cereal).

Since then, chances are your arm’s gotten tired of whipping the drink every morning. And while you can “meal prep” and freeze the topping, there’s an even better way to get your fix without the workout.

Meet: Noona’s Dalgona Coffee Ice Cream – an indulgent pint filled with cinnamon ice cream swirled with whipped coffee and dalgona honeycomb crumbs sprinkled throughout. Yep, it’s your morning cup’s more luscious cousin. And just like the original, it’s layered, airy and an adventure for your taste buds. We honestly can’t think of a more apt way to top off 2020 than with a whole pint of this stuff.

In addition to Dalgona Coffee, Noona’s Ice Cream, a small-batch shop based in New York, offers other unique and inventive flavors that are hard to come by at the average American grocery store. Inspired by global ingredients, especially those of founder Hannah Bae’s Asian-American background, the brand churns out flavors like Toasty Mochi, Golden Sesame, Thai Iced Tea and Makgeolli Blues. The latter is a lightly boozy rendition of White Rabbit Candy, a nostalgic Chinese sweet.

2020’s been a heck of a year. Treat yourself to six pints of Noona’s. Or better yet – nine!

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