Star Kitchen: Eva Longoria

Actress Eva Longoria shows Food Network Magazine the kitchen where she whipped up her cookbook, Eva's Kitchen. Photographs by David Tsay.

Photo By: David Tsay

Photo By: David Tsay

Photo By: David Tsay

Photo By: David Tsay

Photo By: David Tsay

Eva Longoria's kitchen

Real estate agents are right: The kitchen does sell the house. At least, that was the case when actress Eva Longoria first laid eyes on her Hollywood Hills home. "I totally bought this place because of the kitchen," she says.

Warming oven

After working with chef Todd English on two Beso restaurants (in Hollywood and Las Vegas), Eva became a big fan of the warming oven (under the island). "Presentation has become really important to me," she says. "I like to serve things hot out of the oven and in a certain order."

Massive island

Eva's favorite feature in the kitchen is this 7-by-13-foot granite workspace. "I love that the stove is in the island, so my back doesn't face everyone while I cook," she says.

Purified water

Eva offsets her love of deep-fried food with plenty of water: She drinks six glasses a day, straight from a purifier attached to her tap. "It's a great investment because you stop buying bottled water," she says. "You get your money back tenfold, and you help save the environment."

Deep fryer

A deep fryer is the last thing you'd expect to find on the counter in a super-fit Hollywood actress's house, but Eva has gone through two of them. "Lately I've been obsessed — fried chicken, French fries for my nieces, fish sticks," she says. "If it can be fried, I'm frying it."