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Star Kitchen: Tim Love

Barbecue master Tim Love shows Food Network Magazine his backyard kitchen. Photographs by Jody Horton.
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Tim Love's Backyard Kitchen

Tim Love built his backyard kitchen in Fort Worth, TX, with a single goal: throwing great parties. "I wanted to be able to serve 50 people," he says. However, he quickly blew past that estimate and has cooked here for as many as 150. He's equipped for just about anything—pizza parties, crab boils—but he often ends up making a big piece of meat. This is a chef known for putting wild boar and rattlesnake on the menu at his restaurants, after all. Tim sears steaks on his gas grill, smokes ribs on his grandfather's old charcoal grill and roasts whole leg of lamb in his wood-fired oven.

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Power Burner

When Tim is cooking for a crowd, his 54,000 BTU burner comes in handy. He can heat huge pots of water in no time for his signature crawfish and crab boils.

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Grilling Gear

Tim keeps his grill stocked with all sorts of accessories, including a press that he uses on fish to crisp the skin, a plancha (griddle) for cooking veggies and a perforated metal box filled with wood chips for smoking meat.

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All-Day Oven

Tim makes pizza in his wood-burning oven, but he also smokes meat here (hickory is his favorite wood). "The oven is great for all-day cooking," he says.

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