Star Kitchen: Katie Lee

New Food Network host Katie Lee loves spending winter days in her country kitchen.

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Katie Lee's Country Kitchen

This may sound crazy, but Katie Lee bought a house in the Hamptons because it reminded her of her native West Virginia. "People hear 'the Hamptons' and they think glitz and glamour, but it is really just farmland," says the cookbook author and cohost of The Kitchen @ Food Network.

Container Score

Katie found these vintage French enamelware canisters at an antiques store in San Francisco. You can find similar ones on eBay starting around $80.

Stepped-Up Service

When she entertains, Katie likes putting food on a pedestal."I love cake stands," she says. "You take really simple things like croissants and put them on a fancy cake stand, and suddenly they look elegant."

Brew Master

Katie's coffeemaker plays a starring role in her kitchen. "When I go to bed at night, I'm excited to wake up and have coffee," she says. "I love making it, the smell of it, and I love coffee talk."

Personalized Refrigerator

Katie used a service called Printstagram to create a collage of her favorite Instagram photos for the refrigerator doors. "My friends are all here!" she says. From $12;

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