7 TikTok Food Trends That Are Worth the Hype

(And a few that aren’t, too).

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Whether you’re an avid TikTok user or a casual observer, you can’t deny the influence the app has had on everything from fashion to food. And while there are some trends we’re happy to participate in again and again, we know that not every sensation is built to last. We’ve put every major TikTok food trend to the test to find out what’s truly worth the hype — and what we’re happy to see fade out of style, too. Check out our list below and see if your favorite has made the cut.

This may be a controversial opinion, but we’d rank baked feta pasta as the best food sensation to take over TikTok. Creamy, cozy and easy to make, this pasta dish will please even the pickiest of eaters. Oh, and if you don’t really love tomatoes, there’s a strawberry version, too!



Delicious Coffee trend - dalgona coffee, whipped instant coffee

Photo by: Ana Rocio Garcia Franco/Getty

Ana Rocio Garcia Franco/Getty

Chances are, your arm is still sore from all the whisking you did last spring, when Dalgona Coffee was impossible to avoid and even harder to resist. That being said, we still enjoy a cup of this creamy, frothy beverage. It’s the perfect pick-me-up when you need a little indulgence — and it’s just as good with chocolate, too!

The most recent TikTok trend on the list, baked oatmeal is a breakfast you’ll look forward to eating every single day. TikTok users love to put their own spin on the classic breakfast, with flavors inspired by everything from candy bars to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. If you’re looking for a festive flavor for spring, Molly Yeh’s carrot cake-inspired recipe is sure to please.



Photo by: Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Is there anything better than a chocolate chip cookie? The answer, surprisingly, is yes — because chocolate chip cookies are even better when they’re made with just five ingredients that you already have at home. These cookies come together with just peanut butter, brown sugar, baking soda, chocolate chips and an egg, so your next batch is never too far away.

Food Network Kitchen’s Hedgehog Bread.

Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

Froggy bread may have kicked off this viral sensation, but we’re here to tell you that any animal can be baked out of bread if you have a little patience and believe in yourself. Check out our recipes for hedgehog, alligator and piggy bread, here.



Photo by: LauriPatterson/Getty Images

LauriPatterson/Getty Images

Trust TikTok on this one — there is absolutely nothing a tortilla can’t do. Though we appreciate every iteration we’ve seen, the best by far is the quadrant quesadilla. Simply divide your tortilla into four even parts, top each section with your favorite filling (eggs, turkey and even chocolate-inspired options all work well), fold and cook. You’ll have a delicious (and portable!) quesadilla that ensures an equal amount of each ingredient in every single bite.



Food Network Kitchen’s Air Fryer Bread, as seen on Food Network.

Photo by: Renee Comet

Renee Comet

Air Fryers have had a huge surge in popularity within the past year, and TikTok has undoubtedly played a part in that. Foodie influencers have proved that you can air fry pretty much everything, as seen with air fried fruit, bread, s’mores and more. If you also jumped on the air fryer bandwagon, check out our best air fryer recipes here.

Trends to Skip

Of course, not every trend is here to stay. We’ve tried the following two and, if you ask us, they’re not quite worth the time and effort required.

Made with just three ingredients (sugar, cornstarch and egg whites), cloud bread is more like a soft meringue than it is an actual bread. And while we love the soft texture and visual appeal, we just don’t think this version of cloud bread is versatile or particularly flavorful on its own. Instead, try our focaccia cloud bread, which relies on cream cheese, whole eggs, tomato and basil for a heartier texture and plenty of flavor.

Ranked the number one TikTok trend of 2020, pancake cereal is exactly what it sounds like: dozens of mini-pancakes that are cooked, flipped and eaten with milk. Though it’s plenty of fun and enjoyable to look at, we just don’t think pancake cereal is worth all of the effort. Plus, the pancakes get soggy pretty quickly.

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