These Holiday Baking Championship: Gingerbread Showdown Creations Will Amaze You

Take a look at the show-stopping displays and sweet treats made by gingerbread-obsessed artists and bakers.

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Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Monster Mountain

This week, the gingerbreaders and bakers were challenged to make monster-themed Christmas gingerbread builds. Kate and Megan created Sammy Sootfoot Junior, a Bigfoot-like creature who lives in an abandoned coal mine under a mountain. He's on top of the mountain throwing snowballs because he's angry he got another lump of coal for Christmas.

Baking Twist: Snowball Entremets

Jesse challenged the teams to make caramel from scratch and use it to create a delicious oozing dessert. Megan created a snowball made from spice cake covered with caramelized white chocolate ganache and streusel in vanilla marshmallow, all rolled in coconut.

Monster Stewart's Christmas Mishaps

Lindsay and Stacey's display features Monster Stewart, an interior designer who's renovated her home for the holidays and is getting ready for a party. Her Christmas tree is about to fall about over.

Baking Twist: Gluten-Free Brownies

Stacey baked brownies with salted caramel and topped it with her no-bake cheesecake and extra caramel to make it gooey.

Oh No Wrong House

In Teena and Cashe's display, a house full of monsters are waiting for Santa to come down the chimney so that they can have him for their Christmas feast.

Baking Twist: Naughty Coal

Cashe baked a spiced dark chocolate brownie filled with a salted, roasted hazelnut caramel crunch. "Who knew a lump of coal could taste so good?" said judge Breegan.

Childhood Hometown Memories

The teams had 10 hours to create a gingerbread scene featuring a snow globe depicting a holiday memory. Linda and Cheryl decided to focus on movement, and the village surrounding their snow globe is inspired by the small Long Island town where Linda grew up.

Baking Twist: Shortbread Treat

Jesse challenged the teams to make a dessert featuring coconut as part of their gingerbread display. Cheryl baked buttery, flaky shortbread filled with cherry amaretto jam and coconut sprinkled on top.

Peruvian Christmas House

Sebastian wanted to include colors and flavors, like quinoa, from his native country. The display also features a chocolate sculpture and a sugar dome made from scratch.

Baking Twist: Pate a Choux Polar Bears

Kristen stacked pate a choux to make adorable cream-puff polar bears filled with coconut pastry cream and dipped in coconut white-chocolate ganache.

A Drive Down Memory Lane

This display follows Molli's journey from Arizona to New York City, and the path finishes with the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller Center.

Baking Twist: Horchata Coconut Cake

Sarah baked a horchata coconut cake topped with a coconut Swiss meringue buttercream and coconut flakes.