Meet the Teams Competing on Holiday Baking Championship: Gingerbread Showdown

See who's hosting and judging our newest gingerbread competition, and get the first look at the teams competing for the $10,000 prize each week.

Host Jesse Palmer is joined by judges Kardea Brown, Nacho Aguirre and Breegan Jane.

Episode: Best in Show

From left to right: Linda Carney and Cheryl Filion, Sebastian Huyhua Quispe and Kristen Gardner, Sarah Belote and Molli Dowd

Episode: Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas

From left to right: Teena Ham and Cashe Clark, Megan Ware and Kate White, Lindsay Deibler and Stacey Milner

Episode: I'm Dreaming of a Bright Christmas

From left to right: Daniel Wilson and Marla Harvey, Christina Schubert and Ana Silva, Leslie Poyourow and Randi Brecher

Episode: Holiday Window Shop 'Til You Drop

From left to right: Beth Meyer and Mary Jo Dowling, Sarah Cummings and Alexis Ruddock, Chelle Baldwin and Matt Maley

Episode: Hangin' with My Gnomies at the Holidays

From left to right: Sireena Edwards and Natasha Teague, Jaclyn Fulmer and Jennifer Wilson, Meg Salmon-Carson and Maryanne Garcia