Top Creations from Kids Baking Championship, Season 5

Natasha's Rainbow Cake

Natasha went all out -- and up -- for the finale, constructing a seven layer cake vanilla rainbow cake with multicolored lemon frosting. Duff said it was, "one of the most stunning cakes we've ever seen on Kids Baking Championship."

Matthew's Rainbow Cake

Matthew's rainwbow lemon cake with raspberry filling, raspberry buttercream, and lemon buttercream.

Taylor's Rainbow Cake

Taylor's rainbow layer cake with lemon curd, strawberry butter cream and white chocolate cloud drips.

Defying Gravity

Duff shows the kids how to make gravity-defying cakes with a fondant-covered straw and some piping gel.

Natasha's Confetti Cake

Natasha's confetti cake with fresh ginger pastry cream and american buttercream gave the illusion of movement and the judges loved the fluffy cake.

Taylor's Chocolate Cake

Taylor's chocolate cake with peanut butter candy.

Mekdes's Vanilla Cake

Mekdes's vanilla cake wiith chocolate buttercream frosting and sauteed fresh ginger pieces.

Saylor's Lime Cake

Saylor's lime cake with raspberries and fresh ginger buttercream.

Matthew's Sourlicious Cake

Matthew's sourlicious ginger vanilla cake with fresh ginger frosting.