The Best Creations from Halloween Baking Championship, Season 5

Challenge: Day of the Dead-Themed Ressurected Desserts

The flavor of Peter Tidwell’s German Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Italian Buttercream wowed all three judges. "For the first time this season, Pete, you get a duuuude," raved Carla. Zac requested the recipe and Katie pronounced it, "phenomenal."

Challenge: Halloween Spirit Guide Desserts

Karl Fong's ancient goddess dark chocolate brandy tart definitely invoked the spirit of the goddess Venus for Katie and Carla was impressed by the extremely smooth ganache.

Challenge: Monster Under the Bed Desserts

The flavors of Sheldon Taylor-Timothy’s spiced carrot cake tentacle monster pleased the judges, but the design really impressed them. "This is tentacular," said Zac.

Challenge: Monster Under the Bed Desserts

The flavors in Jocelyn Jung's spooky one-eyed monster-themed pink peppercorn and pineapple pie won over the judges. "This is what I'm talking about," raved Carla.