Halloween Baking Championship Season 7: Meet the Competitors

Get to know the ten bakers fighting to survive Camp Devil's Food Lake and come out the other side with $25,000.

Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Photo By: Matt Blair

Meet the SCARY Good Bakers of Season 7

Grab some caramel popcorn and buckle in for Halloween Baking Championship's most frightening and flavorful season yet!

Paul Allicock - Miami, FL

Paul has worked as a pastry chef for 16 years and cites his Halloween-loving sons as his biggest inspiration. His strength is his unique flavor combinations.

Megan Baker - Minneapolis, MN

Aptly named contestant Megan Baker owns a bakery in Minnesota with her husband and has won multiple categories in the National Cake Decorating Championship.

Wes Dills - Austin, TX

Wes owns a bakery known for its nostalgic family recipes, but likes to bring out the gore when it comes to Halloween decorating.

Anirudh Mamtora - Cherry Hill, NJ

Anirudh is a New Jersey-based pastry chef. He emigrated from India and has been enamored with Halloween ever since he first experienced the holiday in America.

Sherelle Morrison - Indian Land, SC

Sherelle is an optometrist and a home baker! Keep an eye out for her cozy flavor combos and adorable decorating.

Nicole Proske - Miami, FL

Nicole is the youngest cake artist in the competition, but her love of '80s horror movies gives her the inspiration she needs to win!

Guillermo Salinas - Jackson, MS

Guillermo has studied drawing, painting, and sculpting. He's here to bring that artsy background to his fantastical spooky bakes.

Adina Schaefer - Los Angeles, CA

Adina has been baking for over 20 years and loves to make gory, gothic desserts.

Steven Sechoka - Boston, MA

Steven owns a bakery in Massachussetts and often takes inspiration from '80s slasher films.

Ashley Wong - Fremont, CA

Ashley is a bakery owner who likes to bring her artsy side out in her decorations.