13 Things You Didn't Know About Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin has wowed you on stage and on screen, but how much do you really know the famous singer and actress?

All About Kristin

Read on for fun facts about Candy Land host Kristin Chenoweth, including the dessert you'll never see her eat!

Favorite Candy: Sugar Babies

Favorite World on the Candy Land Set: Peppermint Forest

Favorite Meal of the Day: Breakfast Any Time – Eggs, Bacon, Pancakes

Favorite Dessert: Cappuccino Chocolate Cake. It's All About the Icing, She Says

Dessert or Candy She’d NEVER Eat: “I'm Not a Fruit AND Chocolate Kind of Girl. Chocolate Deserves Its Own Lane. Don't Mix It Up With Healthy.”

Go-To Midnight Snack: Cheese and Crackers

Pineapple on Pizza – Yes or No? “No. No. I Don't Need a Fruit on My Pizza Either."

Favorite Pizza Topping: Ranch Dressing

3 Things That Are Always in Her Fridge: Ranch, Coca-Cola and Swiss Cheese Slices

Favorite Candy Memories

"Every Halloween back when it was very safe to trick or treat, and getting back home and emptying out the bag to see all the different candy. Of course, there was the lone apple no thanks."

Signature Dish: Nachos Made in the Microwave With Salsa and Ranch and Parmesan Cheese Mixed Together

Best Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip, Thinly Sliced Chocolate Chips Only

Best Piece of Cooking or Baking Advice She’s Received: “I Have None. It's Called Open the Package.”