10 Things You Didn't Know About Michael Symon

You’ve watched Michael sample the country’s best foods on Burgers, Brew and ‘Que, but how much do you know about what he's like when the cameras stop rolling?

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When he’s not chowing down on massive ribs or a loaded burger, you might catch him hanging out with his BFF, Bobby Flay, or sipping on his favorite healthy treat. Read on to find out everything you didn’t know.

He Eats Vegetarian at Least 2 Days a Week

Even though he’s known for loving meat, his wife is a vegan. "At least two, typically three, days a week I eat vegan — not always vegan but vegetarian, because it’s easier to cook for us both at home if we eat the same thing," he says. 

Get the Recipe: Watermelon and Halloumi

Favorite Dessert for a Barbecue: Cobbler

"I don’t have a massive sweet tooth, so I always tend to go toward cobblers or crumbles. Whatever the seasonal fruit is, a nice crunchy topping ... a good scoop of ice cream on top — it's perfect for me," he says. 

He’s Got a Green Thumb

"I’m an avid gardener, both edible and non-, like, I always plant an enormous cutting bed for Liz that I take care of," he says.

He Met BFF Bobby on TV

“Originally we met on my first Food Network show — in 1998 — with Wayne Harley Brachman. Wayne was Bobby’s pastry chef for, like, 15 years, so Bobby and I met then, and we’ve been friends ever since,” he says. 

Favorite Comfort Food: Roast Chicken

Michael puts the classic at the top of his list, and he also includes pasta pomodoro, lasagna, meatloaf and baklava.

He Won’t Go Head-to-Head with Bobby on TV

“We refuse to compete against each other, whether it be on Iron Chef or anything else. We’ve never gone head-to-head. We compete against each other on the golf course; we don’t compete [against] each other in the kitchen,” he says. 

He Played Sports Growing Up

“I wrestled 105 pounds in high school,” he says.

He Values His Alone Time

“Although most of my life I’m surrounded by tons of people, nothing really makes me happier than being by myself, putzing around in the yard,” he says.

Favorite Cut of Pork: The Whole Thing

"My favorite cut is whole hog. The process of cooking the whole hog, to me, is barbecue’s greatest gift. But I love a brisket," he says with a chuckle.

He Has a Passion for Green Juice

“I love green juice, which is weird, I think, seeing how much I love all the fattier things in life. I find green juice incredibly delicious. I like kale, celery, ginger, with just the smallest bit of apple,” he says.

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