18 Things You Didn't Know About Simon Majumdar

You know him as a fearless Cutthroat Kitchen judge and a celebrated author. Now, learn Simon's favorite burger toppings and more top trivia.

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His Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream: Dark Chocolate

His Guilty-Pleasure Food: Biscuits

"I love the biscuits from the Bojangles chain of restaurants."

One Must-Have at His Last Supper: An English Staple

"A large plate of proper British fish and chips."

His Drink of Choice: A Martini

"Gin martini with a twist. Ice cold."

The Strangest Thing in His Refrigerator: Fish Paste

"Bagoong — Filipino fish paste. I adore Filipino food and am trying to persuade my Pinoy wife to teach me more about it."

Regular Weeknight Dinner at Home: Think Globally

"When I am not filming, I am usually traveling around the world or the U.S. in search of great food and am inspired by the dishes I try on the road. Right now, I am really inspired by a recent visit to Myanmar and am cooking a lot of Burmese pork curries served with balachuang (a spicy mix of deep-fried garlic, shallots, red pepper flakes and dried shrimp)."

Must-Have Item When Traveling: Tea Aplenty

"English tea bags — usually Taylor’s Yorkshire Gold."

Green Room Essentials: More Tea, Please

"Hard though it may be to believe, I am very low-maintenance. All I ask for is [Taylor’s Yorkshire Gold tea bags], an electric kettle and some cold milk. That’s all I need to keep me happy."  

Guess What — He Doesn't Care for Pizza

"I am not really a fan of pizza. (I know, I know — I try, but it has never really appealed.)"

A Favorite Emoji? Not Quite

"The fact I had to look up what "emoji" means probably tells you I don’t have one."

His Favorite Burger Toppings: Keep It Classic

"Simple: good cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and mustard."

His Favorite Midnight Snack: A Sip and a Sweet

"A cup of tea and a piece of dark chocolate."

His Favorite Food City to Visit: There Are Several

"Madrid is the best eating city in the world (closely followed by Mumbai and Tokyo). In the U.S., it would be NOLA."

His Happy Place: With His Wife

"Anywhere I am with my lovely (and very patient) wife, sharing a meal."

The Food Trend He's So Over: Plating Halfway

"The completely silly habit of just putting food on one side of the plate. Ugh."

The Kitchen Tool He Can't Live Without: "My Cast-Iron Skillet"

The One Dish He Doesn't Cook at Home: Dover Sole

The Ingredients He'll Never Eat: Beware of Allergens

"Coffee and oysters, both of which have very unpleasant effects on me."

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