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13 Things You Didn't Know About Bobby Flay

Think you know everything about Bobby Flay? Learn about what the chef and food-competition guru is up to when he’s out of the kitchen. 

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Photo: Rich Freeda ©

Favorite Chef: His Best Friend, Michael Symon

"His food is always just so tasty and delicious."

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Photo: Liz Ligon ©

Gas or Charcoal for the Grill: Both

"I actually have both, but you know purists would always say charcoal." 

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Photo: Linda Facci

Favorite New York City Restaurant: J.G. Melon

"The best cheeseburgers in the world"  

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Photo: Renee Comet ©

Hottest Food He’s Ever Eaten: Nashville Hot Chicken

"I couldn’t feel my face." 
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