7 Fun Facts About Chef Sherry Yard

Find out what the Buddy Vs. Duff judge likes to have for breakfast, her favorite flavor of pie and much more.

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Get to Know Sherry

From ice cream to doughnuts, we've got the lowdown on all of Sherry's favorite bites.

Favorite Cake Flavor: All of Them!

"That’s a very difficult question, because I like everything. It depends on the time of day. It depends on the season. I’m a seasonal chef, so oro blanco or ruby red grapefruit cake is just over-the-top amazing. Mandarin orange in season, strawberry shortcake. How can one decide?"

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cherry

"If I had to pick one ice cream or gelato to eat for the rest of my life, there’s a cherry and it’s called a GG1. I make homemade cherry gelato and then drizzle in just the slightest stretch of bittersweet chocolate."

Favorite Pie Flavor: Wild Blueberry

"When it comes to pie, I’m much more traditional. I like fruit pies, fruit fillings. It would have to be a wild blueberry pie."

Ultimate Guilty Pleasure: Breakfast

"My ultimate guilty pleasure food has to be breakfast. Breakfast doesn’t get enough credit. Stuffed French toast with three different kinds of cheese — ricotta, mascarpone, and cream cheese — wrapped and dipped in an egg custard then rolled in cereal and then baked. Unbelievable, crunchy and sexy and pretty. Then poached eggs on short ribs with polenta. I make this popover with smoked salmon inside. I could eat breakfast day and night."

Favorite Type of Doughnut: Raspberry Jam

"I like homemade raspberry jam with a whisper of cinnamon stick and orange in a vanilla brioche doughnut rolled in vanilla sugar."

Something She Could Eat Forever: Ice Cream

"If I had to eat one thing only for the rest of my life, it’s ice cream.”

Favorite Food Emoji: Poop Emoji

"My favorite food emoji really isn’t a food emoji. Every time I see the poop emoji, it makes me think of soft serve chocolate ice cream."

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