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9 Metabolism "Facts" That Are Completely Untrue

Our resident nutritionist busts the most common metabolism myths.

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Myth Busting

Are you falling victim to popular dieting folklore? It’s time to bust metabolism myths and pass along healthy facts that are proven to promote weight loss and a healthy metabolism.

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Myth #1: Green Tea Burns Fat

There is some solid science to back up the claim that the compounds in green tea give a short-lived jolt to metabolic rate. A small study linked green tea powder (aka matcha) to increased utilization of fat for fuel during exercise. But sadly, this isn’t enough to equate to measurable gains or losses. Despite these findings, sipping on green tea just won’t melt away pounds.

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Myth #2: Skip Breakfast to Shed Pounds

Passing on morning calories may seem like a good idea but prolonging an overnight fast can lead to sluggish energy, poor concentration, overeating later in the day, and can negatively impact heart health. A study published in 2017 determined that regular breakfast skippers are at greater risk for hardening of the arteries.

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Myth #3: Eat 1000 Calories Per Day

Less isn’t always more. Eating too few calories can actually work against your weight loss goals. Eating less than 1200 calories a day is not recommended by medical professionals as it can actually decelerate metabolism. Plus, those who are physically active need even more calories to support the demands of exercise.

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