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Stay healthy when you’re on vacation with these noteworthy fitness and wellness programs.

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Break Out of Your Winter Veggie Rut with Green Papaya Salad Mar 19, 2018

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Tom Brady Just Had a Cheat Day ... By Eating a Strawberry Mar 14, 2018

Believe it or not, that berry was a splurge by his standards.

Amy Schumer Reveals Some Actresses Schedule 'Hungry Days' Mar 13, 2018

Instead, the actress/comedian urges body-positivity and self-acceptance.

Kendall Jenner's Oscar-Night Health Prep Landed Her in the Hospital Mar 13, 2018

Some stars swear by IV vitamin drips, but the case for them is questionable.

4 Ways to Eat (Yes, Eat!) Flowers Mar 15, 2018

These blooms aren't just beautiful — they pack a serious nutritional punch too.

This Is the Pasta Kristen Bell Is Obsessed With Mar 9, 2018

She likes it so much, she wrote the company a love letter.

Kevin Smith Goes Vegetarian After Health Scare Mar 7, 2018

The 'Too Fat for 40' documentarian is going meatless.

Beyoncé Is Going Vegan — Again Mar 9, 2018

And she's asking the Beyhive to join her.

The Rise of the Supermarket Nutritionist Mar 9, 2018

More and more grocery stores are now offering services from registered dietitians.

What to Eat If You Want to Live to 100 Mar 1, 2018

A nutritionist takes a look at the relationship between diet and longevity.

Healthy Cookbooks to Keep You Inspired All Year Long Feb 22, 2018

Give yourself a dose of healthy cooking inspiration with these new cookbooks.

How to Grow Microgreens at Home Feb 21, 2018

Yes, these nutritious little greens do exist outside of fancy restaurant menus!

Portion Control: a Primer Feb 21, 2018

Looking to lose weight? Portion control is key to success.

Budget-Friendly Healthy Finds at Big-Box Stores Feb 7, 2018

Even if you're grocery shopping for a small household, there are lots of healthy deals to be found at warehouse stores.

6 Lunchtime Habits To Energize Your Day Feb 20, 2018

A nutritionist shares tips for beating the afternoon slump.

5 Flu-Fighting Foods Feb 15, 2018

Eat more of these foods to help protect your health during flu season.

These Vegetarian Trends are Going Mainstream Feb 7, 2018

From zoodles to pea protein burgers, find out where you can nab healthy vegetarian trends at restaurants throughout the country.

Kourtney Shares How to Eat Like a Kardashian Feb 7, 2018

Interested in keeping up with Kourtney Kardashian’s diet tips? You’re in luck.

The Latest on Intermittent Fasting Feb 1, 2018

A nutritionist looks at the latest newest research on intermittent fasting.

Chef Seamus Mullen on Finding Health (and Joy!) in the Kitchen Feb 1, 2018

The Spanish chef shares tips and a recipe from his book, Real Food Heals.

Meal Prep Your Way to Weight Loss Jan 19, 2018

A registered dietitian shares how meal prep can lead to weight loss.

Butter is Back. Is Grass-Fed Better? Jan 29, 2018

A nutritionist breaks down the types butter and their health benefits.