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Southwest Airlines Is Ditching Peanuts on Planes Jul 13, 2018

The company wants to make flights safe for travelers who are allergic to the classic airline snack.

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Avoid these nutritional pitfalls next time you whip up a smoothie.

The Long-Term Risks of a Keto Diet Jul 9, 2018

The popular weight-loss plan isn’t without drawbacks.

Anti-Diet Isn't Anti-Health Jul 5, 2018

This way of eating doesn’t mean an endless supply of doughnuts, cupcakes and French fries.

This Superfood Is Off-Limits for Meghan Markle Jul 2, 2018

So goodbye to Engagement Roast Chicken nights.

9 Healthy Desserts For the 4th of July Jul 2, 2018

Celebrate the holiday with one of these healthy fruit desserts.

A Meal in a Muffin Jun 28, 2018

These savory baked goods deliver a complete meal in a single cup.

Natalie Portman Really Wants Her Own Vegan Cooking Show Jun 28, 2018

She confessed her dream to an audience for her new film about the ethics and impact of animal agribusiness.

Have You Tried Pili Nuts? Jun 25, 2018

A nutritionist gives the skinny on the most delicious nut you’ve never heard of.

Kim Kardashian Sticks to a Strict Cheat-Meal Schedule Jun 21, 2018

She has a whole rationale for falling off the wagon every 10 days.

Plant-Powered Athletes and What They Eat Jun 21, 2018

A nutritionist takes a look at how and why more elite athletes are going vegan.

Healthy Grilled Mains and Sides for Father’s Day Jun 14, 2018

Grill up a killer barbecue for dad with these 14 delicious mains and side dishes.

That Reaction to Eating Fruit May Not Be an Allergy Jun 7, 2018

An expert shares what can cause a reaction to eating plums, apples, bananas and other fruit or vegetables.

Anne Hathaway Tries to Head Off the Body Shamers Jun 7, 2018

And the pregnancy-rumormongers, too. Because FYI, she’s just gaining weight for a film role.

Should You Be Seed Cycling? Jun 5, 2018

Seed cycling is a growing trend to help balance hormones and help with a variety of hormone-related issues. Should you give it a try?

Paul McCartney on Eating? Let It Be Meatless May 31, 2018

Sir Paul says it’s easier than ever to go vegetarian.

Chrissy Teigen Is Obsessed with This 'Simple' Cooking Method May 29, 2018

Since the birth of her second child, she’s all about saving time in the kitchen.

Gut Health Tricks You Haven't Heard Before May 31, 2018

Our resident nutritionist shares some lesser-known paths to good gut health.

7 Healthy, Crowd-Pleasing Sides For Memorial Day Weekend May 24, 2018

These salads and sides are fresh, healthy and packed with seasonal produce.

How Gross is it Not to Wash Your Water Bottle Every Day? May 24, 2018

Experts answer the question: Is it okay to go a couple days between washings?

What Guests Ate at the Wedding of the Year May 21, 2018

The royal wedding ceremony was followed by two receptions showcasing healthy produce from the English countryside.

Justin Timberlake’s Taste-Making Status Extends to the Produce Aisle May 23, 2018

And that’s berry good news for those who like blueberries inside their raspberries.

NBC Correspondent Eats Baby Food While Traveling May 21, 2018

White House correspondent Halle Jackson says it’s "delicious, "nutritious" and a good way to get your greens.

Our LaCroix Obsession Has Just Entered a New Level May 17, 2018

What, you never considered wearing your seltzer obsession?

A Sneak Peek at the Royal Wedding Menu May 16, 2018

Loads of fresh and healthy seasonal produce will be served during Saturday's festivities.

A Day in the Life of an Intuitive Eater May 17, 2018

An R.D. shares her experience following this intuitive nutrition plan.