Stars' Healthy Dessert Recipes 23 Videos

Healthier Cakes and Quick Breads

Carrot Cakes

These miniature cakes make the perfect portion of dessert.  

Mini Carrot Cakes

Coffee Cake

Ellie's coffee cake is made with yogurt and whole-wheat flour.

Blueberry Coffee Cake

Banana Bread

Ripe bananas make this chocolatey cake moist.

Marbled Banana Bread

More Healthy Dessert Favorites

Chocolate Cakes

Best Brownies

Classic Cakes

Have a Slice

Smarter Cookies

Lighter Comfort Desserts

Fresh, Fruity Sweets

Make Mousse

Celebrate Citrus

Squares and Bars

Best Bite-Size Treats


No-Bake Cookies

Vegan Treats

Hearty Whole Grains

Diabetic Friendly

Make Your Own Fro-Yo

Turn plain yogurt into a satisfying dessert.