Healthy Fruit Desserts

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these simple fruit desserts from Food Network Kitchen.

More Fruit, Less Sugar

Fresh fruit takes center stage in these healthy-yet-satisfying desserts by Food Network Kitchen. Not only do they scale back on added sugar, but they're incredibly easy, coming together with just five ingredients or less.

All-Fruit Mango Sorbet

This super-easy, low-fat frozen treat is 100 percent mango (with just a little bit of water to help with blending). Use really ripe fruit, which is naturally sweeter. Add a drizzle of honey if your sweet tooth needs a little something extra, though it will also add a few extra calories.

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Apple and Orange Marmalade Salad

Orange marmalade, almond extract and dried cherries make a deliciously perfumed and slightly sweet dressing for this dessert salad.

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Apricot-Raspberry Tartlets

These little tartlets look like they belong in a Parisian pastry case. Soften dried apricots in the microwave with apricot preserves and water to make a perfect sauce for creamy ricotta. A serving of three tartlets contains just 10 grams of sugar.

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Frozen Chocolate-Banana Pops

These creamy frozen pops take frozen bananas to another level. A small amount of cocoa and cream produces a smooth, mellow chocolate flavor. The peanuts complete the experience by adding nuttiness and a kiss of salt.

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Grilled Strawberry Kebabs with Lemon-Mint Sauce

Serve these plump, smoky berries on a rimmed platter or bowl to capture all their delicious juices. Mixed with the lemon-mint sauce, they are worthy enough to drizzle over yogurt or maybe even a grilled piece of pound cake.

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Orange-Fool Napoleons

No part of the orange goes to waste in this Moroccan-inspired dessert. Start by making a fragrant syrup with the zest and juice, and swirl it through tangy Greek yogurt — that's the fool (our healthier version of the English dessert, made from strained cooked fruit folded into whipped cream). Then, dollop the filling between juicy orange rounds and garnish with crunchy pistachios.

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Healthy Peach Betty

The combination of walnut-raisin bread, butter and maple syrup in this dessert is delightful over roasted peaches. Make sure your peaches are ripe — it makes a huge difference in your finished dish! You can use nectarines as well in this recipe.

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Healthy Prune Truffles

Sweet, juicy prunes become delicious bonbons when dipped in chocolate. Just three make a satisfying dessert that's as tasty as it is good for you. You can eat them as soon as the chocolate sets, or keep them for a few hours at room temperature or in the fridge; they're equally satisfying chilled.

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Honey-Roasted Pineapple with Greek Yogurt

For this super-simple, low-fat dessert, roast pineapple to intensify its sweetness, then run it under the broiler for a rich, caramelized finish.

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