10 Best Coffee Brands of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

We brewed and sipped cup after cup to bring you the best options for every taste.

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January 05, 2024

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Best Coffee Brands

Honorable Mentions: Coffee for a Cause

By Beth Lipton for Food Network Kitchen

If coffee is an absolute must for you in the morning, you’re in good company: According to research, seven in 10 Americans drink coffee every week, and more than 60 percent every day. Along with being the pick-me-up of choice for so many of us, coffee is also one of life’s pleasures — the aroma, the flavor, even the ritual of making it can spark joy. Some studies indicate there may be a link between coffee drinking and good health — even longer life span — so that daily cup just might be a win-win all around.

We tested several brands in multiple categories to bring you the best coffee, so you can fill your cup with the most satisfying brew.

How We Tested

We sourced several readily available brands of coffee with plenty of positive reviews and brewed them all for pour-over (except for K-cups and espresso). We sipped the coffees black and with a splash of cream and evaluated them for flavor, acidity, and richness. In addition, we researched the companies’ sourcing and gave points to Fair Trade, organic and other practices that are environmentally conscious and favorable to the farmers. We also factored in prices and range of offerings.

Best Coffee Brands

Prices vary
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Sometimes a dark roast is too dark, or a light roast too light, but La Colombe has solved that issue. Along with dark, medium and light, they offer dark-medium and medium-light options, so there’s truly a taste for every palate. La Colombe’s attention to detail extends from careful sourcing, through philanthropy designed to boost conditions in growing regions — even their packaging is recyclable, so you can feel good about buying bag after bag.

Prices vary
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This Latin brand probably looks familiar, and that’s because it’s been around for nearly 100 years. It has a rich, bold flavor, and the fine grind of pre-ground bags means you can use it for espresso as well as other brewing methods (buy whole beans if you prefer a coarser grind). Focus on coffee from one country (Brazil, Nicaragua or Colombia), or try one of the brand’s beloved blends. At about 25 cents per brewed cup, you can’t beat the price for this quality.

Photo Courtesy Intelligentsia

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, feed your obsession with these carefully curated beans. Kenya Gichathaini, Rwanda Busanze, Honduras Caballero Family and more — choose your favorite, or get a monthly rotating subscription and let the experts at Intelligentsia select for you. Single origin coffees are unique and sometimes even the same beans will taste somewhat different year over year based on weather or other environmental factors. At $21 to $27 per 12 ounces, it’s a splurge, but worth it for the experience if that’s your thing.

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Though you’ll often see packages of coffee beans labeled “espresso,” you actually don’t need special beans to make espresso. (You do need a fine grind, however.) If you’ve ever been to a Stumptown coffee shop and ordered an espresso or a latte, you’ve had this blend, the first one the company’s founder introduced. It’s complex and very rich, with some subtle sweet notes, luscious on its own and also stands up beautifully to milk in lattes and cappuccino. Fire up that espresso maker and get ready for a great shot.

From $5.75
Photo Courtesy Chicago French Press

This Chicago-based, Black woman-owned brand roasts coffee in small batches and offers amazing flavors that run the gamut from the more traditional (Vanilla Bean Blossom, Pumpkin Spice) to the super-creative (Caramel Apple, Maple Pecan, Coconut Creme, Peach Nectar). The company utilizes dried fruits, nuts, and real spices, so you get a hit of natural sweetness in the coffee and no fake taste. We brewed owner Kris Christian’s favorite, Snicker Cinnamon Cookie, and it had a really nice sweet cinnamon flavor that came through well but didn’t mask the coffee taste. Bonus: The company gives a percentage of profits to a slate of hand-picked nonprofit partners.

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Robust, delicious coffee, made with environmentally friendly cups for your Keurig? Yes, please. These cups are available in a dark or medium-light roast, plus decaf, all organic. The cups are commercially compostable, which means you have to bring them to a facility or collection site, you can’t stick them in your compost bin at home. But that still beats traditional K-cups, most of which end up in landfills.

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Decaf gets such a bad rap. Not only does it have around 97 percent of the caffeine removed, it’s also sometimes treated with solvents, which can leave it tasting flat and bitter. If you enjoy coffee but don’t want the caffeine (hey, no judgment), here’s one for you. Peet’s uses the same beans as it does for its caffeinated Major Dickason’s Blend (its best-seller), and treats it with water only. The result: a smooth, dark roast with plenty of flavor and no jitters.

Honorable Mention: Coffees for a Cause

These brands make coffees that taste great, and they also give back to excellent causes.

Prices vary
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This Black-owned company, founded by two lifelong friends, makes coffee that lives up to its “bold” name, and gives 5 percent of its profits to nonprofit organizations all over the country that serve kids in a variety of ways. With dark, medium and light roasts, single origin and blends, which boast hundreds of 5-star reviews, there’s something for everyone–and it’s affordable at $14 for 12 ounces. Bonus: The coffee is sold at Amazon, Target and supermarkets, or you can sign up for a subscription online.

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Love dogs? Love coffee? Look no further for your next bag of beans. This brand donates 20 percent of profits to animal rescue organizations, and as of this writing has provided more than 3 million shelter meals, 18,500 toys, and other benefits to dogs. There are all kinds of roasts, single origin and blends, plus flavored coffees, all organic. Add a cute mug or T-shirt to your cart; a portion of all sales from the Grounds & Hounds site benefits the pooches.

Prices vary
Photo Courtesy Fire Dept. Coffee

If you need coffee to do your job well, just think about firefighters–that’s the inspiration behind this coffee. Founded and run by fire department and military veterans, the company operates a foundation that benefits firefighters who have been mentally or physically injured on the job, or have other health challenges. Brew up a light, medium or dark roast, indulge in a sweet flavor like Blueberry Cake Donut or Vanilla Sprinkle Donut, try a single origin coffee, or go for one of the brand’s spirit-infused coffees, such as bourbon, whiskey, rum or tequila.

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