This Bottle Is How I Save Lots of Money on Coffee

Wake up and smell the savings, folks!

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March 11, 2019

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If you clicked on this story, there’s a good chance you need a large cup of coffee — or tea — to start your day. Maybe two cups? Hey, we’re not judging!

While coffee gives you the energy and motivation to take a busy day, endless to-do list or pile of deadlines head-on, your caffeine addiction is by no means cheap. Studies show one in three Americans spend more money on coffee than they do investing.

We know you need a nice jolt of caffeine to kick-start your day, but do you really need that $7 cold brew coffee? Okay, maybe not.

Fortunately, Soma is here to help. Soma first rose to popularity with its chic and covetable glass water bottle, and it’s now looking to up your coffee game with its Brew Bottle pictured above.

This find is comprised of three pieces — a double-walled glass bottle, flip top lid and stainless steel strainer — and is designed to make brewing your beverage a breeze. Simply insert your strainer in the bottle, add some grounded coffee or tea leaves, and pour some hot water over your tea or coffee. The result? Coffee or tea in minutes.

Not only does the Soma Brew Bottle offer an affordable alternative to your daily Starbucks run, but it is also more environmentally conscious than using disposable coffee pods or to-go cups.

I put Soma’s Brew Bottle to the test a few weeks ago, and it’s well on its way to becoming a kitchen favorite. I found the bottle super easy to use (and clean!), and my absolute favorite feature is how easy it is to make iced tea or coffee.

I always prefer cold drinks over warm ones (yes, even in the dead of winter), but have found that many mugs and bottles just don't work for my cold brew cravings. Instead of walking around with a pipin’ hot travel mug, I can fill up my bottle with water and coffee and let it brew in my fridge the night before to have perfectly chilled caffeine as soon as I wake up.

Ultimately, the quality of your coffee or tea is going to depend on the grounds or leaves you use, but I found my iced coffee was tasty and strong. And isn’t “strong” the most important quality?

I’ve only been using Soma’s bottle for a few weeks, but I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to cut costs on their coffee habit. At $40, Soma’s Brew Bottle is not the cheapest coffee mug out there; however, it averages out to a couple week's worth of grande lattes.

Once you take the plunge and buy the bottle, the only additional fees are buying a big bag of ground coffee or tea leaves. Compared to spending $5 a day on a venti iced coffee, it’s chump change!

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