This Coffeemaker Saves Me Nearly $100 a Month On Coffee

I'm actually sticking to my resolutions this year!

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January 03, 2020

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A plastic glass of iced coffee latte; upper layer is froth milk lower is brown bitter coffee on the wooden table with selective focus.


A plastic glass of iced coffee latte; upper layer is froth milk lower is brown bitter coffee on the wooden table with selective focus.

Photo by: Theerawan Bangpran/Getty

Theerawan Bangpran/Getty

As the new year begins, so do dreams of a fresh, resolution-driven start. For me, that includes a plan to better budget my money and transition out of the indulgent holiday season. To put it simply, that $4 iced coffee is no longer an option. While that was a harsh reality for me to accept — I love my morning cup of Joe! — it also made me realize I can find ways to continue my morning rituals without breaking the bank. Insert: the OXO Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

First, let me preface with my feelings toward making my own cold brew. I worked as a barista in college and, after about a year of experimenting with my favorite drinks and brews, I invested in a large Toddy Cold Brew System for myself. While I loved the satisfaction of letting my coffee steep overnight (resulting in a large batch of concentrated cold brew), the process was messy, bulky and too much to justify schlepping to my tiny New York apartment. When I got this compact version from OXO, though, I was hit with a new wave of motivation and inspiration to get brewing.

Just as the name implies, this compact system is the perfect size to fit any dorm, apartment or office space. The glass carafe holds just over 12 ounces of liquid, and the brewing container is the ideal size to brew one 16-ounce bag of grounds. The sleek set-up fits perfectly on my desktop and, once the 12-to-24 hour brewing cycle is complete, I can clean up and store the brewing container, and place the tiny glass carafe in the fridge. The coffee drains automatically once the brewer is placed on the carafe, which means I don't have to deal with messy plugs and leaking coffee.

Since I only need about two ounces of the concentrate per drink (I usually opt to dilute with oat milk or coconut milk), this means I get one week's worth of coffee in just one brew. The process of assembling this drink in the morning takes just a few minutes, so I don't feel like I'm being any less efficient with my time. And since I'm making the drink myself, I can play around with different flavored grounds and mix-ins. But, more than anything, I'm enjoying a delicious cup of coffee each morning without the guilt. And that's the best way I can to start each morning (and year!).

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