Hostess’ New Doughnuts Have Nearly the Same Amount of Caffeine as a Cup of Coffee

Now you can get a boost without having to juggle a hot cup in one hand, and your breakfast in the other.

February 18, 2022


Photo by: Photo courtesy of Hostess

Photo courtesy of Hostess

Your favorite childhood sweets can now replace your daily cup of joe thanks to a boost of caffeine. Hostess is growing its iconic doughnut line with new caffeinated Hostess Boost Jumbo Donettes in Chocolate Mocha and Caramel Macchiato flavors.

With 50-70 milligrams of caffeine in each doughnut, which is slightly less than a cup of coffee, the treats can act as an alternative to your morning beverage while delivering a jolt to your sweet tooth. The doughnuts weigh in at three times the size of the original Hostess mini doughnuts, and are glazed with flavor.

The doughnuts include straight coffee bean extract for caffeination, however, while both flavors are reminiscent of coffee, they still feel like a treat.

And they’re not just for mornings. Hostess Boost Jumbo Donettes can be your little pick me up throughout the day. For anyone looking for a coffee alternative that keeps them up and at ’em, look no further than the snack brand you know and love.

The hearty snacks will begin their rollout at convenience stores near you this month in 2.5-ounce packages.

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