What Emma Chamberlain Can't Live Without in Her Kitchen

Including everything she uses to make the perfect cup of coffee!

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August 03, 2022

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If you’ve followed Emma Chamberlain’s rise to fame since she started posting videos on YouTube in 2017, you might think you know everything about the online-personality-turned-bonafide-celebrity. You probably know that she’s vegetarian, loves coffee and is obsessed with spring rolls from Whole Foods, for example. According to The Atlantic, she's one of the most important YouTubers of her time. You may have also tried her coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee, which claims to be "Coffee without the pretentiousness."

While there's certainly lots of information about Chamberlain out there, we wanted to get to know a little more her, specifically when it comes to her kitchen. From gear for making the perfect coffee to her most-used kitchen gadgets, Chamberlain let us in on seven must-have products she can't live without.

"I usually have one coffee drink per day, and recently I’ve been trying to do something different everyday. I usually alternate between a cortado, a latte or a cold brew. This morning I used this vanilla blend to make a cortado and it was so delicious. The warm, sweet smell of vanilla is incredible with the bitter, nuttiness of coffee."

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"I’m usually just cooking for myself, so this toaster oven comes in handy for me constantly. My favorite way to eat vegetables is roasted, and using this I can cook a perfect serving for myself without turning my kitchen oven on. It comes with an air fryer built in too, so I can participate in the airfryer hype whenever I feel the desire to. This toaster oven is also amazing at warming up leftover pizza late at night."

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"What’s funny about this is I almost never use it for milk! This frother is incredible for making matcha. I usually have one coffee drink and one matcha drink per day, so this comes in handy for me on a daily basis."

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"I tend to have a coffee first thing in the morning, and then I enjoy a matcha in the afternoon. I almost always make an iced matcha with a splash of caramel Nutpods on top. The Chamberlain Coffee Matcha has such a vibrant color and nutty flavor. It is some of the most delicious matcha I have ever tried."

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"I love making homemade sauces for the dishes I cook at home, and my food processor is my favorite tool for that. I make pesto at least once a week, and this food processor couldn’t be a more perfect tool. It’s extremely easy to use and creates such a great sauce texture."

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"The finishing touch to almost every coffee or matcha drink I make is Nutpods. Whether I’m making an iced matcha latte, a cold brew or anything in between, I top it off with whichever nutpod flavor I’m in the mood for that day. My most frequent choice is the caramel flavor, but they are all incredible. They add a sense of creaminess that I haven’t been able to find with anything else."

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"My favorite way to make cold brew is to throw one of these bags into an XL jar of water overnight and then wake up in the morning and pour it over ice. It’s so easy, it almost seems too good to be true. The cold brew is refreshing yet flavorful and stores beautifully in the fridge for a few days."

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