Man Frees Ice-Trapped Kittens with Regular Ol' Cup of Hot Coffee

So many reasons to worship the contents of your morning cup...and now there’s one more.


Photo by: Robert Ingelhart ©Robert Ingelhart

Robert Ingelhart, Robert Ingelhart

Those of us who love (love, love, love!) coffee know that it’s the best thing for many reasons. It wakes us up and allows us to function; I personally credit caffeine with about one-third of my personality. But one reason we may not have had on our list of reasons that coffee is great: It can rescue kittens.

We can now add that favorable attribute to the rest thanks to a video posted on Facebook by Kendall Diwisch, an oil worker from Dayton Valley, Edmonton, Canada, who used a cup of hot coffee to melt the snow and ice in which three distressed, mewling kittens had become trapped.

“So today I found these three fellows on one of the back roads near one of my wells. Most likely dropped off,” Diwisch wrote on his Facebook page, alongside a photo of him holding all three adorable and by then, apparently, warm and calm kittens. “Poor things were frozen into the ice so they had to have been there all night.”

In the video Diwisch also posted online, he (presumably) can be seen approaching the kittens, whose tails are stuck in the ice.

“Look at these little guys! It’s all right. It’s OK. You’re frozen to the ice. You been here all night? Oh, man,” he says.

After one of the kittens finds his own way free, the person we assume is Diwisch goes back to his truck to get his leftover coffee. He then crunches back through the snow to the kittens and pours the hot, milky coffee on the ice around the kittens to melt it. In short order, he is able to pry the kittens’ tails loose and release the kittens from captivity.

Diwisch, who is being hailed as a hero, later reported on social media that he had taken the “healthy and friendly” kittens home, fed them, and found them a new home where all three could be together.

“All three are eating and drinking and very energetic,” he wrote in an update.

Let’s hear it for coffee, the great liberator! And thank goodness Diwisch ordered a large!

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