4 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers of 2023, Tested by Food Network Kitchen

These are the best brewers for making cold brew at home.

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Updated on September 15, 2023

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Our Top Cold Brew Coffee Maker Picks

Tested by Stevie Stewart and Taylor Murray for Food Network Kitchen

Cold brew coffee has grown in popularity over the years and it can be purchased at nearly every coffee shop these days. But buying coffee at the cafe every day really begins to break the bank. There are now many cold brew coffee makers on the market that allow you to make batches of cold brew at home. We tested 10 of the top brewers on the market to find the best cold brew coffee makers.

Photo by: Stevie Stewart

Stevie Stewart

How We Tested

We started by reviewing the manuals, specs and design of 10 brewers. We took into consideration size and ease of use. We then chose our favorite brand of cold brew, whole bean coffee and coarsely ground it ourselves. We brewed per each model’s instructions and then poured cups of each, side by side. We used a ratio of 1:2 (concentrate to water/milk), we first tested with just water and 1 ice cube, then next with milk. We tasted each one, looking for strength, flavor and bitterness. Next, we removed the filters and disposed of the grounds, taking note how easily this could be done. Lastly, we cleaned each brewer by hand noting how easy or difficult it was to do.

The OXO Brew has all the features we were looking for in a cold brew coffee maker: ease of use, simple and good looking design, approachable size and most of all, produced delicious coffee concentrate. One of its best features is the trademarked "Rainmaker," which is a perforated lid where the water is poured over the grounds. This perforation produces perfectly hydrated grounds which leads to the best extraction. Another feature we loved was the handy stopper that not only acts as a lid, but also measures 2 oz of concentrate; the usual amount for a cup of cold brew. This brewer makes 24-28 oz concentrate from 10 oz of coffee, enough to make 12-14 drinks. And, just like the other brewers, you can replace coffee with tea if that's more your pace. The flip brew-release design allows you to control how much concentrate you want to pour at any one time. And you can store the glass carafe easily in the fridge for weeks.

$52 | Amazon

One of the larger brewers we tested, the Toddy makes 36-38 oz concentrate - enough to make up to 19 drinks. If you are preparing to entertain or want to brew coffee to last a couple weeks, this is a great choice. The Toddy also gives two options for filtering your coffee: dual filtration or classic. The cold brew system comes with two reusable felt filters, as well as three disposable filters. If you want easier cleanup or the most cold brew per batch, opt for the dual filtration method. While a little more nuanced in the brewing process than the OXO, it is still very simple to use and has straightforward instructions. The Toddy also came in with one of the lower price points on our list, saving you even more money by making your coffee at home rather than running to the cafe. Best of all, the Toddy also came neck and neck with the OXO in our taste test.

Sold Out | Amazon $49 | Toddy

It’s true that cold brew usually takes between 12 to 24 hours to brew. Using some fancy vacuum press tech, this model from Dash can brew a 40 ounce batch of cold brew in just 12 minutes. Yes, that’s right. No waiting overnight for a nice glass of iced cold brew coffee. The flavor is remarkably smooth with no traces of acidity or bitterness for the speed and all of the delicate notes from the coffee still come through. Impressively, the fast brewing process doesn't generate any heat, which is often a by-product of rapid methods. This feature ensures that your coffee remains genuinely 'cold brew', offering a uniquely refreshing beverage every time. You can choose between three strengths of the brew, ranging from light to dark, and it all brews into a handy carafe you can store in the refrigerator.

There are two main drawbacks to this machine. One is going to be the price — at $150 it is significantly higher than most of the other cold brew makers we tested. The other is the noise, as the vacuum-powered technology does cause a bit of a racket. However, the runtime is relatively short and it’s a minor inconvenience in exchange for cold brew on demand.

$82 | Amazon

We loved the KitchenAid because it makes 28 ounces of concentrate, but is only 8 x 7 x 6.9 inches. Its square design and small footprint make it a great fit for fridge storage. It was also the only brewer we tested that had a spout for ease of serving directly from the fridge. This model has a large, circular, metal filter which is easily removed and just needs to be tilted to drain. The KitchenAid was not as robust and smooth in flavor as our other choices but it was a close third. It's one of our favorite designs, but one of the priciest on the list.

$110 | Amazon

Photo by: Stevie Stewart

Stevie Stewart

What Is Cold Brew?

Cold brew is a method of brewing coffee using room temperature or cold water. Water is poured over grounds contained in a filter that are steeped. It usually takes anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to make a pot of cold brew concentrate. Cold brew is a set-it-and-forget-it method of making coffee.

Proponents of cold brew say it has a smoother, less acidic flavor compared to hot coffee. Cold brew is different from iced coffee in terms of brewing method. Iced coffee is brewed hot, then cooled down and does not require dilution. Cold brew is brewed at room temperture or in the fridge and generally makes a concentrate that requires dilution with milk or water before consumption.

Photo by: Stevie Stewart

Stevie Stewart

What to Consider About Cold Brew Makers

First and foremost, taste is everything. We wanted a brewer that would make delicious coffee. We were looking for brewers that produced robust, smooth tasting coffee concentrate that would produce multiple cups of coffee or tea.

After that, we were looking for attractive and functional designs with ease of use. Nine of the 10 brewers we tested had options for brewing both coffee and tea.

When narrowing down our top choices, we liked the option of brewing at room temperature to leave room in the refrigerator — our top three picks all have that option.

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